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  1. T

    authorization for night without position lights, but the area is lit

    Greetings, First time posting. I'm looking to apply for an authorization under 107 to record the local high school marching band's evening practices next Fall. The area is stadium lit, but the hours would technically be at night. Is anyone aware of such an authorization makeup?
  2. niki

    Permission from ENAC for flying over Venice canals in Italy?

    Have some one got a permission from ENAC for flying in Venice, Italy? According ENAC, Venice is a Prohibited flying zone. There are also 2 airport zones overlaping there and also a CTR zone, so I'm getting confused how to apply? Because from what I read for applying to fly in the "speciffic...
  3. HerronSkyView

    Unlocking GEO Authorization Zones from Flysafe to Smart Controller/Drone

    Hi, I have a Mavic 2 Pro. I can't find the Unlocking List in DJ GO 4 on iphone 7 as the instructions say. Please let me know if you have any ideas how to solve this. (After I get this figured out, I need to buy an IOS (iphone) to USB C cord to transfer the unlock code to the drone. I use a smart...
  4. M

    Entering approval to fly

    I'm having trouble getting my djigo4 app to accept my authorization to fly in class D airspace. I have my FAA approval logged in and the app and the aircraft show that this has been accepted. I still get an error message stating that my RTH path will go through a no fly zone and it will not let...
  5. MarshMadness

    LAANC Unavailable

    So I’m new to flying altogether and am piloting a Mavic Mini in Greenville, SC. There are a few parks in Greenville that are larger and nicer (Conestee Park and Falls Park for the locals) that I was planning on flying in, but they’re covered by authorization zones due to nearby airports. Tried...
  6. C

    Unlocking Auth Geo Zone : Proposed date not working

    I’ve been attempting to unlock an authorized zone via the DJI/fly-safe website for a future date (one week away). The license is issued successfully and I am able to sync up the licensing via the DJI go app however the “validating date” shows today’s date through tomorrow’s date. What am I doing...
  7. C

    Blue Zone - Authoization - Help

    Real quick question. I just purchased a Mavic 2 Zoom, and wanted to fly it where I normally do. Well, this time there is a blue bow tie zone just touching the area I want to fly in. I try never to fly yellow zones (now blue I guess?) Anyways, if I do fly in that zone I would use the app to...
  8. N

    Airmap .. Submission of notification/authorization request

    I am using Airmap to tell me what the restrictions are around places I intend to fly. However I still have a few question on the use of this app. I am going to throw out a few understandings .. if any of it is wrong, someone please correct me. First.. I fly for fun. Not a commercial flyer. So...
  9. Peel

    The Future of FAA Authorization: LAANC

    Great new video from Remote Pilot 101 on the direction that the FAA is working toward for airspace authorization and waivers: