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  1. M

    Entering approval to fly

    I'm having trouble getting my djigo4 app to accept my authorization to fly in class D airspace. I have my FAA approval logged in and the app and the aircraft show that this has been accepted. I still get an error message stating that my RTH path will go through a no fly zone and it will not let...
  2. MarshMadness

    LAANC Unavailable

    So I’m new to flying altogether and am piloting a Mavic Mini in Greenville, SC. There are a few parks in Greenville that are larger and nicer (Conestee Park and Falls Park for the locals) that I was planning on flying in, but they’re covered by authorization zones due to nearby airports. Tried...
  3. C

    Unlocking Auth Geo Zone : Proposed date not working

    I’ve been attempting to unlock an authorized zone via the DJI/fly-safe website for a future date (one week away). The license is issued successfully and I am able to sync up the licensing via the DJI go app however the “validating date” shows today’s date through tomorrow’s date. What am I doing...
  4. C

    Blue Zone - Authoization - Help

    Real quick question. I just purchased a Mavic 2 Zoom, and wanted to fly it where I normally do. Well, this time there is a blue bow tie zone just touching the area I want to fly in. I try never to fly yellow zones (now blue I guess?) Anyways, if I do fly in that zone I would use the app to...
  5. N

    Airmap .. Submission of notification/authorization request

    I am using Airmap to tell me what the restrictions are around places I intend to fly. However I still have a few question on the use of this app. I am going to throw out a few understandings .. if any of it is wrong, someone please correct me. First.. I fly for fun. Not a commercial flyer. So...
  6. Peel

    The Future of FAA Authorization: LAANC

    Great new video from Remote Pilot 101 on the direction that the FAA is working toward for airspace authorization and waivers: