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  1. DJ Wes

    2 Zoom Birds, birds, birds

    While in Kansas City I captured footage of the Kansas City Terminal roundhouse. While doing so, a flock of birds repeatedly flew around my drone and got braver each time completely surrounding my drone twice. You can see this during the first minute of the video. I figured if they don't run...
  2. Yaros

    Small Birds flying too close to my drone

    While recording a video, I noticed that many small birds were flying around my drone, I was scared they will touch the propellers and take the drone down. It is not likely, but possible.
  3. blackomega

    Mini 2 Skeena River Ooligan Run 2022

    Here are the bids trying to catch a tasty treat of Ooligan fish on the Skeena River
  4. Yaros

    Following many small birds with the drone

    Noticed so many birds flying around the house, took off to get some shots ;)
  5. T

    Hovering drone attracts birds

    Hi, I had an interesting encounter with the birds: when MM was having poor signal due to the distance and interference, I was lucky enough to click on video recording. Than for some dozen of seconds connection was interrupted, so the drone stopped and hovered... which attracted his flying...
  6. Derlisz

    My most cinematic film yet. Durlston Castle and Anvil Point Lighthouse on Jurassic Coast, UK

    This was filmed using Mavic 2 Pro and an Osmo Pocket. Hand graded in FCPX. I thought it would be a good idea to add some sound effects of nature to a company this beautiful music. It's only my second attempt at adding sound effects and I'm really pleased with the result. I invite you all to...
  7. Kemalios

    National park (nature and birds reserve)

    National park, bird and nature reserve
  8. K

    Birds are driving me nuts

    I have had my Mavic Pro 2 for two weeks and at least half the time I fly, it is attracting several birds, to the point of one bumping it from behind knocking it around (Scary!) Anybody else having this issue?
  9. E

    Nearly crashed my drone into over a dozen birds of prey!

    A short drone film I have made recently of birds of prey searching for food with the DJI Mavic Pro! Please give it a watch it you have a spare 2 mins. Appreciate all feedback :) (P.S. I know it's not color graded, my laptop froze and for that day wouldn't allow me to retner Premiere Pro so had...
  10. HiKen51

    Wild Goose Chase video

    I've decided to take this video off YouTube due to concern that it might encourage others to do what I never intended to do--bother the birds. Thanks for all your comments. Being inexperienced, and not having read all the posts about disastrous Bird Strikes, I flew among a huge flock of Snow...
  11. HiKen51

    Mavic vs Snow Goose

    Check out what happened when a flock of snow geese flew right at my Mavic Pro. These birds weigh over 5 pounds. I hovered in place, hoping they'd be able to dodge the drone, but ... When all was said and done, the Mavic was fine, and I got some amazing footage.
  12. szh

    The Hidden Life of Coots

    A cover of waterbirds from an unusual perspective :-) This is our first complete short film made with a drone. Any constructive criticism is welcome. The music was composed by Monica Xiao. Check out her other compositions too.
  13. keva1

    Mr. Hawk meets Ms. Drone! (Mavic Pro)

    This was my first encounter with a large bird of prey. He was obviously curious about the Magic Pro. After the first pass by me, he started to get more aggressive. The flight ended swiftly in an effort to not aggravate the Hawk further or run the risk of being taken down. The film footage is...
  14. CoolBreeze

    Morning River, highlights Pelicans and Veterans Memorial

    Morning River flight.
  15. szh

    Birds: dangerous?

    How high is the risk of bird collisions? I was flying over a wetland area when suddenly this appeared: It happened a second time a few seconds later. Given the wide field of view of the camera, they must have been pretty close. I freaked out and went straight up immediately. How dangerous...
  16. TrayBoz

    Have you ever crashed your Mavic?

    Please check all that apply. An Act of God/Nature: Birds, some freak accident that was NOT pilot error OR DJI malfunction. Major damage: Something besides basic prop replacement was required. An actual repair was required by you or someone else DJI Malfunction: Clearly a problem with the...
  17. FakeRaven

    Birds ever an issue for you?

    just finished a heart pounding flight home after I had a small flock of barn swallows doing fake-out nose dives at my mavic, some passing within meters of my gimbal. I figure I'd flown over a nesting area and promptly gtfo. Just thought I'd gather people's thoughts or experiences with upsetting...
  18. H

    Maybe a tiny collision with bird? What do you think?

    Hello to all.. I said it before and i say it again, i love flying above water. Long story short.. About a month ago i tried filming a small nearby island about 1.2 km away from beach. As i approached i saw dozens of birds laying around. When i finally reached the island i stopped and turned...
  19. Ray Dunakin

    Bridges and Birds

    A while back I was out in the country flying near a couple of bridges. As I flew, dozens of swallows came out from under the bridges and starting swirling around my Mavic. Here's the video... music is "Pioneers" by Audionautix. Unfortunately iMovie deleted my title and I didn't notice until...
  20. C

    Sensors saved me from BIRDS.

    Credit to DJI. The front sensing sensors work on birds passing by close. **** flock nearly trashed my Mavic while on holiday in Portugal. Extreme close. I was shaking aftwards. They had 3 passes. I'd say within a meter. Wow.