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cinematic video

  1. Kemalios

    National park (nature and birds reserve)

    National park, bird and nature reserve
  2. J

    Can u last the full 45 seconds? Mavic Pro Vertigo shoot with cinematic effect

    Remember to Turn on the sound Thumbswayup Just got this badboy a few weeks ago and did a Vertigo Shoot with the Polarpro ND4 filters fitted on. Rendered with Sony Vegas Pro with color effects. If u reach the end of the clip, see if the letters look weird to you
  3. P

    Cinematic Video shot with Mavic Pro

    The place of the recording is called 'De Dode Maas' because it is a dead end of the river 'Maas' in The Netherlands. Shot this video with the DJI Mavic Pro, decided to go for a cinematic look, therefore I used the anamorphic aspect ratio (2.35:1). Recorded in D-Log (-1,-3,-3) and used the FREE...