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  1. H

    Crash and almost fixed. Need Wiring Help

    I crashed my drone and fixed everything except a problem with two wires. There is a black and white wire that got caught in the screw and when I went to connect the top it tore the two in half. What is the easiest way to connect these wires back? It has them on both the left and right side. I...
  2. T

    Mavic Air flew away and crashed.

    Hello guys, how you doing? First of all I apologize for my english. Today I was flying my Mavic Air to take some pictures 4 meters above of me and suddenly it got speed and flew away crashing into a building nearby and landed in a parking lot. While it flew away I didnt have any response from...
  3. Pegasus1

    Mavic bird strike (?) loss of control & crashed

    Well, it finally happened. I've owned my MP for about roughly 2 yrs, and had mostly problem-free flights. Yesterday I crashed, and suspicious this may have been a bird strike. Really bizarre, because I didn't have video recording during the flight to see what happened. I was just flying around...
  4. Jeromeroscoe

    Mavic 2 Zoom crash gimbal overload

    Mavic 2 Zoom took a decent fall from the sky, camera on the gimbal faces backwards and rotates up. Does anyone know a fix for this or do I absolutely have to send it to DJI, sadly I dont have the refresh insurance.
  5. J

    Crashed, lost drone

    Hi everyone. New to this and new to drones. I was just flying my mavic pro and the wind took it into a building and it went down (80m+) I've got no signal to the drone, I've found a propeller next to the base of the building but still no drone Although the propeller is not broken at all, I got...
  6. R

    Found mavic pro Menifee ,lake Elsinore

    Found a crashed drone looking for the owner I have seiral number and wifi password on arm it's been about two weeks I don't know how or have the time to hunt him down is there an easy way to get ahold of him. Thanks
  7. I

    Total lost control

    Pure luck I didn't lose my Mavic Air some days ago. I wanted to examine the roof top of my parents house, that's why I started mym flight in their garden. When I started the drone, there was no GPS available. That's normally no problem, since it normally connects to GPS after some seconds in...
  8. J

    Crashed Mavic pro into a tree now my gimbal is messed up

    Hi I took my mavic out of the box today, I was flying for 11 minutes then it crashed into a huge tree, the gimble is completly messed up. My main issue now is I bought refresh care with it but it would not let me bind this due to (screen shot attached) I bought them at the same time and same...
  9. T

    Help! Crashed Drone and No Video Comes Through!

    I crashed my mavic Pro into a tree and it fell about 8 feet straight down on to the legs and then popped up on to its back. When I got the drone back up and going, I was looking at a black screen on my phone. Anyone have an issue when the crashed before like this, worried because I have an...
  10. A

    Drone submerged in the lake

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum. My drone was down and I want to seek some advise on: 1) how come the auto RTB (and warning) did not function and gave me sufficient warning on returning earlier? 2) how do I go about the replacement drone (I still have the remote controller)? Neither the Mavic...
  11. heo3480

    Most common Drone Pilot mistakes

    Have you crashed your Mavic and why? This is our countdown of the most common drone pilot mistakes. If you as a new pilot avoid these, you have a good chance of saving your bird :-)
  12. 2

    No control due to Mag interference

    Hello Had my Mavic 3 days, got some great footage and I'm looking for some info after my drone crashed itself. I say it crashed itself as i flew it through a tunnel (with train line above on the bridge) whilst the drone was flying through the tunnel i got a error message saying 'Mag...
  13. S

    Found lost mavic but problem!!!

    last week, while doing a pullaway shot, crashed my mavic into woods. didn't find it at that time. today, went back to the location, found it lying on the ground with some dirt, broken blades etc.. I took it home, cleaned, battery charged. it took off, but it wasn't hovering at 3ft but It was...
  14. H

    My drone dropped from the sky - why?

    Mavic Pro was flying for 8 minutes at 90 meters and disappeared from view. I hit the RTH and got a weak signal warning and then the drone was gone. It dropped on to fairly soft ground, surprisleing little damage. Gimble cover has disappeared and the Battery was found a few feet away, with a...
  15. H

    Pretty bad crash... Camera completely detached

    OK, storytime. I was showing off at my friend's house (1.25km from mine, where I was flying from) flying pretty low and hovering some. I hadn't flown in a while, and all my batteries were around 60%, so it was a series of short flights to and from. The last flight, I was hovering for as long as...
  16. Y

    Help with Mavic after crash

    Hi, Today my Mavic crashed from 30-40 m on the concrete steps. It happened after 1 min after took off. I tried to get some height, near the building. When it reached ~30 meters, it said that "maximum altitude reached", but I set it to 100 meters then Mavic drifted backwards and crashed into the...
  17. CashCache

    My First Crash

    I live in Anthem Arizona and nothing but desert and golf courses exist beyond my backyard, so it has been really fun flying my Mavic every chance I get. My house is pretty high on the hill, so when looking south from my backyard, I can see for 30+ miles. About two weeks ago, my son and I...
  18. K

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Flexible Flat PCB GImbal Ribbon Cable

    what is the difference between these two flexible flat cable 1-https://www.aliexpress.com/item/DJI-Mavic-Pro-Gimbal-Flexible-Flat-PCB-GImbal-Ribbon-Cable/32795183097.html?spm=2114.13010208.99999999.264.pLtCxT...
  19. RC Mantis

    That tree came out of nowhere (Video "The Death Of A Mavic" Added 3/9/17)

    I was filming The Palace Of Fine Arts in San Francisco this evening. The sun was low in the sky and behind the Palace. With the harsh back lighting I was thinking the only way to get a decent exposure was to fly close enough to keep the Mavic in the shadow of The Palace. I decided to do a...
  20. crayban

    Crashed and lost my Mavic in Thailand. :(

    Crashed and lost the Mavic due to initially flying in ATTI mode and could not control the Mavic due to wind conditions. :( Lesson learned for the future.