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  1. S

    I would like to add a cinematic look to your footage in D-Log

    First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alexander and I have been working as a colorist for a while now, but am currently out of a job. I have seen that many find it difficult to color their footage in D-Log and I would like some of you to share some clips of a few seconds or...
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    DJI Mavic 3 Pro Color Profile comparison and D-Log Grading test: D-Log, D-Log M, HLG, Normal

    In this video I compare D-log, D-log M, HLG, and Normal profiles, as well as compare graded vs ungraded D-log and D-log M footage captured with the DJI Mavic 3 Pro.
  3. D

    Unsupported encoding settings M3

    I have recently had issues playing back some of my files from the M3 with windows media player and opening files with DaVinci resolve 17 although I can use them in VLC media player. Error code 0x80004005 unsupported encoding settings. This is not something I have come across before with the...
  4. B

    technical transforms for easier colour correction or viewing of flat or log DJI footage

    Hey guys, I am a professional colourist and colour scientist who is also a owner of a Mavic Pro 2 (formerly Mavic Air, formerly Spark ;)) When grading my own footage I always struggled as the transfer curves and the gamut (the fidelity of the colours) are not really mathematically documented...
  5. O

    D-log with quick intelligent flight modes and quick shots

    New to Mavic. If I set camera to be filming in D-log is it doing that with the various intelligent modes including quick shots? TIA
  6. Ripper7620

    Looking for tips and tricks to make D-log work for me

    I love the vibrant post production color of D-log, however my whites are totally blown out, even with using a Polar Pro DD16-PL, my camera set to ISO:100, and set on sunny all the time(even on cloudy days. None of my post production efforts have helped. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and...
  7. Ripper7620

    I really want to make D-log work...

    But unfortunately, even with my camera settings to sunny(on a cloudy day), and a Polar Pro ND16-PL filter, my whites were so blown out, that I was unable to correct them even in post production using Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. If anyone knows any tricks to making D-log work, I'd love...
  8. B

    Finally got good D-Log Color Correction

    I've had my Mavic Pro Platinum for around 3 weeks and I've been playing with it non-stop. Best toy ever! However, I had been struggling getting my D-Log footage to look correct. By "correct" I mean as it appears to the naked eye. With a huge amount of work I was able to get semi-descent...
  9. C

    Shooting D-Log & Post-Processing

    Hi Chaps, Thought I would share this, it may be some use: How to shoot Log video using DJI's D-Log color profile Cheers, Ian
  10. I

    Shooting D-Log in Litchi?

    Hi Guys, I'm having a hard time to find the setting to shoot D-Log in litchi. Can anyone point it out for me?
  11. baddog

    Video Meta data in Log Files

    So I was curious if DJI Go or Mavic logs have video information like color settings or any other camera settings stored in them. I have several video from when I first started flying and I am trying to determine weather I used d-cinelike or d-log
  12. Mpunktkarlsson

    Just having fun editing!

    Hey! I have been using gopros just for fun for a while, but when i bought my mavic i also started to try out some editing. This is my latest video from a fishing contest arrenged by me and my two friends. Check it out, hope you like it! :)
  13. Z

    Mavic Pro Aerial Footage From Switzerland Trip

    Hi, all! This is my first video clip from Mavic footage. Tech stuff: Mavic Pro, ND 16, FCPX, D-Log + Color Grading, 2.7K downscaled to 1080P, 24fps. Thoughts? Advices?
  14. G

    [4K] Lazy Saturday @ Las Estacas, México

    Hi all!!! I'm new here and Mavic Pro is my first drone. I have it for 2 weeks. Shot last Sunday during our weekend trip out of the Mexico City... What do you think guys? gozdek
  15. G

    DNG - is it affected by sharpening settings?

    Has anyone done tests to see if the DNG raw image recorded by the Mavic is affected by the sharpening or noise reduction settings in the same way as video? Obviously being raw it SHOULD be but its already been shown the Mavic does process the DNG image in some cases such as D-log being selected...
  16. Some of my first test shots with the DJI Mavic Pro (4k D-Log minor editing)

    Some of my first test shots with the DJI Mavic Pro (4k D-Log minor editing)

    I'm pretty impressed so far with my new toy the DJI Mavic Pro. Its so fun to fly and it shoots some pretty great footage. Sometimes I still wish I had an Inspire but honestly this little guy is making me forget I even wanted one. Thanks for watching; Hope you enjoyed it and please I'd love your i
  17. Viper

    Low flying in Cary and .....

    Yesterday in Cary this happened. Video Profile D-LOG ISO 100 SHUTTER 1/60 WB Cloudy NLE FCPX & Film Convert
  18. ed1nh0

    First attempt in color grading

    This is the first time I shooted in D-Log. I didn't know what this and others modes looks like and what for. Still don't know. Just followed some tutorials and try make some footage. It was shooted in 2.7k @ 30fps. Cam in manual, settings were +1,-2,-2 and did not use ND filter. I did use a LUT...
  19. Viper

    Mavic Pro Myrtle Beach S.C

    Wont win any awards for this but practice makes perfect so I'll keep practicing. I really appreciate the portability and limitless possibilities this little Mavic provides wow.
  20. P

    WeedControl Try-Out with DJI Mavic

    Dear dronefans, With my replaced Mavic I made my first video for a friend of mine. His company sells poisonfree methods to clear weeds in local environments. One of the items is a quad with a heatblaster attached to it. I made a video as a try-out, more will follow maybe. Shot in D-Log with...