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drone business

  1. AKQuads

    New to Drones

    Hi I'm new to flying drones but looking to have a lot of fun and maybe even turning it into an income as well one day. I am a 60 years old living in Fairbanks Alaska. Moved here in 1968 when my Dad had a goal to build a cabin before he turned 25 years old. We did it. I started out with an...
  2. S

    Drone Command, Drone Mastery Program

    I would like to know if anybody who have actually taken the Drone Mastery Program it's a $3,000 course offered by Damon Darnell that claims to start your own business by providing all the marketing in specific details on running a drone business.
  3. E

    Drone Business, suggestions and advice?

    Hi everybody, So I've been really on the idea of trying to start up a business flying drones. There are so many uses for aerial footage from art to real estate to advertising etc. that I think it would be feasible to eventually do this full time (down the road with a lot of hard work of...