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  1. GFields

    Drone Beginner's Guide

  2. R

    DJI Ban Questions

    I am doing a project for school about why we shouldn’t immediately ban DJI drones and wanted to interview people affected as a part of the project. It would be great if some people could answer these interview questions, it would help me tons! Thanks so much! 1: How do you feel the ban would...
  3. M

    Elevate Your Senses: A Spectacular Drone Sunset Experience

    Elevate Your Senses: A Spectacular Drone Sunset Experience Elevate your senses and indulge in a sensory feast as our drone captures the magic of a sunset from a unique vantage point. Feel the warmth of the fading sunlight and the gentle breeze as you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature's...
  4. Tanner Harris

    Drones in Agriculture

    I had a fantastic opportunity to chat with Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News. We discuss drone operations in agriculture and the progress that's been made measuring ROI. Give it a read! The Challenge of Measuring ROI in Drone Operations
  5. H

    3 More Ocean, Surfing, Waves and a Sandbar on Oahu's North Shore with a Soundtrack

    HI Everyone, Thanks for checking out the last videos we posted up. We are greatly encouraged that people like the footage and music. This video is from footage of the other weekend. I didn't know this at the time but a great big sandbar opens up when the conditions (waves, direction, wind...
  6. RayKelly

    Air 2s Drone Meetup at Psychiatric Center in Kings Park, N.y

    Nice meetup with great guys flying FPV and GPS drones at the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center. https://
  7. RayKelly

    Air 2s Port Jefferson is a great place to fly

    Stevy Bronx and I had awesome Air 2S flights at Port Jefferson Harbor, NY following ferries, tug boats and fishing boats.
  8. zeNitro

    Hello everyone from Ireland / Latvia

    Hello everyone, I'm originally from Latvia, But now I live in Ireland. About 3 weeks ago I purchased Mavic mini 2. It's my first drone, definitely not last. :D I love it, But it has a slight issue with RTH. But I don't use that anyway. I'm 29 years old, My first name is Marcis, But online I go...
  9. RayKelly

    The 2nd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL

    Make your plans now to join us at The 2nd South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL on Saturday, April 2, 2022. It will be another awesome event and it's FREE. See our FB group and event page for more info.
  10. 1

    Drone survey for pilots ( A-level project)

    My name is Adam Forbes and I am a keen product design student from Falmouth in Cornwall. I have a driving passion for cutting edge technology and especially aviation. I am a year 12 college student from Falmouth Sixth form and I am currently carrying out research on drones and some of their...
  11. RayKelly

    Air 2 Mini Meetup at James River Park in Richmond, VA

    Fun day with friends at James River Park
  12. Photo Bomber

    Is the federal government behind the mysterious drone sittings?

    Is this federal government behind the mysterious sittings of drones? I'm starting to wonder if the government is involved in the mysterious sittings of drones in the sky's in the mid west. I'm wondering if they are trying to influence the general public's thinking as to the the new Remote...
  13. N

    Can I bring drones to Canada as foreigner?

    Hi all, can anyone help me on this. I will be flying to Canada go study for one year. Can I bring my drones (Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Pro and Tello) along with me ? Should I apply SFOC, before bringing them to Canada? Thanks & regards, Nas
  14. Aydin Tamturk

    Drone In Turkey (Turkish Drone Laws)

    Hello fellow pilots , I’ve been wandering and reading all of the forum debates on people whom want to bring their drones to Turkey or whom who want to fly with a drone that is capable of shooting video & photography but couldn’t find any reasonable explanation how to do it ...
  15. Rangerider

    Remote ID Coming Soon?

    The following is for forum consideration. It is inevitable that more control/monitoring will come upon us via Part 107 operations and the 'recreational' community will be relegated to even more confining airspace in my opinion. What do you think? From ALPA (Air Line Pilot's Association)...
  16. D

    Drone experiences research - your help needed!

    Hi all, Just bought a drone? Already a professional? A drone enthusiast? Regardless, your help is needed! I am looking for drone/RPAS/UAV pilots and enthusiasts to be a part of research I am undertaking into drone flying practices in the UK. What are the aims of the project? I’m exploring...
  17. aaronwilliam

    Flying on a lake in MN, what about Seaplanes?

    I'm flying on a lake called Mitchell Lake, it's connected to a bigger lake called Big Lake. There's two seaplanes on the other lake that occasionally land and take off, sometimes on Mitchell Lake but most commonly on Big Lake. I understand I'm supposed to give way to manned aircraft and normally...
  18. Watash48

    Amazon Drone Deliveries

    Greetings, Does anyone here believe that Amazon will be using drones to deliver door to door? Can you imagine the problem with air traffic control? I don't think so. They must be delivering between warehouses? even then I can't imagine. Someone, please help make sense of how they intend to...
  19. I

    Lost Drone footage has cost me £1000’s

    When they come knocking to buy some footage and you can’t find the needle in 48TB of storage haystack ‍♂️What do you do?
  20. tydrones

    Just having fun with Active Track on my Bike