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  1. K

    Hello from France (30 km from PARIS)

    Hello, I'm french and i fly in the South of Paris and where i go on vacations. I started to fly with a DJI MAVIC PRO and the DJI GOGGLE Racing Edition. I kept this model for 3 years. Now i have two drones : a Dji FPV and an MAVIC 3. The DJI FPV is realy interesting to make cinematics videos...
  2. david.dudas

    3 [FPV] Mountain Surfing at a Swiss Mountain Pass

    Not sure if I'm allowed to post this here as it was recorded with a custom drone with the DJI O3 AirUnit and a Gopro, so if i break some rules please excuse me and just delete my thread :) I would like to share with you a thrilling experience, my first proper FPV flight in the Swiss Mountains...
  3. gcopter1

    DroneMask 1

    Used but in like new condition. Decided it wasn't for me. Comes with the carrying pouch, cleaning cloth and instruction booklet, no box. Asking $90 shipped anywhere in the USA. Thanks for looking!
  4. roflyer

    Mini 3 NEW RAINFOREST CRUISE - The magic of Amazon

    NEW RAINFOREST CRUISE - The magic of Amazon Navigating the waters of the Rio Negro aboard the Karuguá!! With dedicated hosts taking care of every detail, you will enjoy not only the breathtaking scenery of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, but also an impeccable gastronomic experience. The magic...
  5. roflyer

    3 A Rainforest Hydroelectric Power Plant FPV Tour

    Flying the Avata on this wonderful dam in the Amazon Rainforest!!
  6. Amit Dunsky

    The most annoying part of flying the Avata

    I don't know about you, but as much as I like flying the Avata, and as much as the FPV experience is so different than using a traditional RC, for me, the most annoying thing is the separation from the environment when putting the goggles on. I don't know who's hanging around near me, maybe...
  7. Mavic-Max

    "Drone crashes Sunday service at ancient church ruins...the sermon just took a new perspective!"

    "Drone crashes Sunday service at ancient church ruins...the sermon just took a new perspective!
  8. D

    3 A montage of videos I created for 2022

    Long time lurker, infrequent poster, but I realise my videos might be of interest to people here. If you like nature documentaries, landscapes, and David Attenborough, please feel free to take 5 minutes from your daily routine to check out my most recent video. Filmed with the Air 2s, Mini 3...
  9. Florida Drone Supply

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock NOW! 11-17-22

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock. The DJI FPV Remote 2 for Avata and DJI FPV is now back in stock get them before they are gone!
  10. Florida Drone Supply

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock NOW! 11-17-22

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock. The DJI FPV Remote 2 for Avata and DJI FPV is now back in stock get them before they are gone!
  11. rikk08

    3 Scotland Roadtrip With The DJI Avata

    First video from the Scotland series is out on my YouTube channel. This one is focused on FPV shots with the new Avata FPV drone which had just arrived in time for my road trip to Scotland. Will definitely be posting more videos inc. drone shots from the trip in the neaer future! Equipment...
  12. Z

    I need help

    I need help fixing my drone if u are located near san Fernando in los angeles...plz contact....there not dji products.......thank you
  13. ChristophB

    DJI Goggles 2 and Simulator

    Hi all, Has anyone managed to connect the Goggles 2 to the simulator? I get stuck on this screen, while having the Goggles on and connected to the latest iPhone with an original Apple USB-C cable: I'm also using the FPV Remote Controller 2 Thanks, Christoph
  14. thefrisbee995

    Mini 2 More fun than my mavic or my mini…

    So I thought I’d give the DJI FPV a go… man, it’s a challenge learning to fly its “manual” mode. Video and photography isn’t ideal on it like my mini 2 but wow, is it fun to fly! Check out my first flight with some flips and stuff here! I’m on the PFV pilots site too now!
  15. D

    Mini 3 Port Douglas Australia Trip - Mini 3 Pro | FPV | GoPro

    Its been a while since I posted here. Thought you guys might like this video I finished today All filmed with Gopro, Mini 3 Pro and FPV drone
  16. bbarnard065

    Greetings From Beautiful Eugene, Oregon!

    Hello there - My name is Bill. I am the proud owner of a Mavic Air 2 and a DJI FPV. I fly alot of scenary and exploration type flights. I like to try to see places and things that are not reachable by foot. You can see some of my content here on youtube - Other than that I...
  17. Yaros

    Next Potential DJI Drone: DJI Avata FPV - A DJI Cinewhoop! I'm interested in buying this if it has Manual mode, for now, the article says there is no Manual mode, but it doesn't make much sense for a cinewhoop, as a cinewhoop is made to fly in acro.
  18. RayKelly

    3 3rd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup

    On April 2, 2022, we had over 100 drone pilots attend the 2nd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL. We have decided to hold our 3rd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL on April 1, 2023. Please make plans to join us. It's free. See our FB event page and join...
  19. W

    Vuzix M4000

    I recently bought a Vuzix M400 and I thought they were okay but lacking and size of screen. Then I came across a Vuzix M4000 with the waveguide technology. These are their flagship industrial smart glasses. They work incredibly well. I'm still waiting on the M4000 but I wanted to buy a...
  20. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Amazing Drone shots from the Dolomites !

    Hey Friends, Here's our final winter video from the snowy Dolomites with some breathtaking views and drone shots + crash in the Braies valley !