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  1. iamsmarkus

    Where is firmware v01.00.0750 for DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic?

    Hi, I have the FPV goggles and I'm trying to connect it to my smart controller by this guide: DJI Digital FPV System HDMI Output Tutorial It references a firmware number that is: v01.00.0750 I've donwloaded the latest version of DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic, but latest version is: v01.00.0700...
  2. M

    YES you CAN use FPV goggles with your Mini

    If you have a bit of a larger budget check out my second solution which I also bought cheap used on Kijiji A) DJI Goggles (YES they DO work with the Mini if you also buy the Wireless HDMI Adapter and mini charger) I got the goggles used for $300 Cdn B) HDMI Wireless adapter MPIO which works...
  3. rossmoney

    Another reason to get into FPV

  4. U

    My first drone video - Mavic Mini

    I have crashed so much, trying to fly my Mavic mini (His name is Max) like an fpv race drone. As of last night, I’m the proud awaiter of all my parts for my first fpv build! I tend to fly and edit a bit different, I generally use premiere but I have found the dji fly app to have a great built-in...
  5. maxapeters

    FPV - Visual Line of Sight

    I’m not an FPV pilot, never flown one, but I was curious about how when flying an FPV drone, you maintain visual line of sight. I’ve seen plenty of people flying FPV’s for commercial use. How do they comply with Part 107’s VLOS requirements if you’re wearing goggles? Even if you weren’t wearing...
  6. rossmoney

    Can't do this with a Mavic...

    I flew mavics for about 3 years and now i've been flying FPV drones now for about 6 months and this is getting INSANE eh @Robbyg ?
  7. Drone UK

    First Attempt at FPV FreeRider

    anyone else had a go at this?
  8. flynsign

    SOLD/ ONLY 2 HOURS OF USE: Mavic 2 Pro - Fly More combo, Epson BT-35E Glasses, Smart Controller, lots of extras (Pro level bundle) - $2500 firm

    This Mavic 2 Pro has less than 2 hours flight time. I'm only selling because my new job has me moving around too much and taking too much time and therefore decided not to start my drone business I had planned on when purchasing. Everything I'm selling is in pristine, virtually brand new...
  9. rossmoney

    FPV has RUINED me...

    my Mavic 2 pro is collecting dust for real... this has been my obsession now for the last 3 months, SO fun! Cinematic FPV
  10. RTKD

    The beauty of Vermont (Deep woods flying, Sound design and Music)

    This was shot with a Mavic Pro and a custom FPV rig that records with a GoPro7. The "Hypersmooth" setting on the GoPro was the last ingredient I needed to smooth my FPV footage out. Between hypersmooth, and shooting in 60FPS to slow down in post, my FPV shots are about as stable as the mavic...
  11. S

    Flying Low - Big Blowout CR

    Pretty stream. Fun outing. Enjoy...
  12. PeopleAreGreat

    Sweet I'm in!

    So I'm a newbie to DJI, but I have built my own Tricopter and quads before as well as being an avid fixed wing fpv enthusiast! So glad to be here! Bought the new Mavic M2 Zoom. I live in North Thornton CO USA.
  13. KeithLa

    Initial impressions: Costco US$1299 MPP+goggles

    First timer here, picked up Costco's spring 2018 Mavic Platinum Pro (MPP) with DJI Goggles US$1299 bundle last week at my local store, and subsequently read/watched reviews to decide whether 1) it's a good deal, and 2) would I prefer the smaller/smarter/cheaper Mavic Air (MA), as suggested by...
  14. The Real Heavy Metal

    App for DJI go4 that splits screen for FPV?????

    I just bought a set of Cheap Canbor VR goggles that uses my S6 android. It comes with a Bluetooth controller to move a cursor and select without opening the goggles to access the cell phone. I have searched for app options to split screen for DJI drone and go 4 VR but all I'm seeing here and you...
  15. Joely-Bird

    TBS Crazy FPV Skills

    No, it's not a Mavic, and it's not mine... But still, I had to share these Vomit-Inducing Mad FPV skills from the boys at Team Black Sheep.
  16. J

    (SOLD)**DJI GOGGLES** $325 (Shipping Included)

    Selling my DJI goggles because they didn't work with my Mavic Air like I was hoping they would! They have been used one time and then I put them right back into the box so they are essentially brand new! Natively compatible with flagship DJI products, DJI Goggles feature two 1920×1080 displays...
  17. C

    DJI Goggles 0 / Wal-mart Goggles 10

    Very disappointed in my new DJI re Goggles. Never could get them to bind to the Mavic. Very frustrating. So... returned them for refund of $584.00. In the mean time I read about the "Mavic FPV app" I downloaded it. Went to Wal-mart and picked up a pair of ONN Virtual Reality Smartphone...
  18. Mad_Angler1

    DJI Goggles Race Edition & Ocusync Air System Unbox & Look Over

    A few weeks ago DJI announced the Racing Edition of the DJI Goggles, this new version has a large number of upgrades over the standard model, Analog 5.8 Ghz FPV support, 5GHZ Ocusync with Ocusync DVR recording, a redesigned visor and headband with red leather and expanded playback support to...
  19. S

    If you don't feel sick now, you just might after this !!!

    This isn't mine (although I do live in Scotland) and I'm not even sure which drone was used but it's pretty awesome ! ""