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  1. RobbieRocker

    Flow-Meter at the river source affected DJI FPV and it flew away backwards. Why so ?

    Hello everyone. I was shocked to see that my DJI FPV was affected by the river flow-meter device ( I do not know the brand and the model at the moment ) and the drone lost the control .. flew backwards ... towards the river flow. I checked the flight data on and everythig seems...
  2. RobbieRocker

    Crashed my DJI FPV into the snow just to try something

    Hello everybody. Just to share my experience with the snow here. I was flying in N mode. I did not like the M mode. Still not flying with that or rarely let's say. During the snow time we had good recordings/shooting. Here's how I crashed it into the snow : The drone stopped itself...
  3. RayKelly

    Air 2s Drone Meetup at Psychiatric Center in Kings Park, N.y

    Nice meetup with great guys flying FPV and GPS drones at the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center. https://
  4. H

    Any Epson Moverio BT-40 Glasses users for FPV? [USB-C to any phone, FHD]

    Guys, Here is an idea, ASUS ROG Phones all come with 2 USB-C ports, I have ROG2 phone as backup [moved to 12 pro max last year], so people can buy them second hand, i think ASUS is up to ROG4 or ROG5, so there are lots of second hand options. The second USB-C port is 10Gbps [the normal one is...
  5. D

    DJI FPV Drone air scoop non-functional?

    after my first flight with the FPV drone, I noticed there was a small paper wad inside the gimbal cavity. While trying to dig it out with a toothpick, it fell in between the cracks into the front of the drone so I took off the front cover to retrieve said paper. to my surprise, when the front...
  6. C

    Another Mavic Air 2 FPV Thread

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if somebody with an iPhone, a set of DJI FPV goggles, and a Mavic air 2 could test a theory I have. Apple makes a lightning connector to HDMI dongle that also features another Lightning port. I was wondering if you ran the dongle from your phone (plugging into the...
  7. JoostGT3

    The Joy of Flight...

    I know I'm not an amazing freestyle whatever yolo kind of pilot, but the DJI FPV has given me something that I had already when flying the Mavics, but got lost a bit in the desire to produce really nice photos and videos... the Joy of Flight! I'm slowly getting used to flying the basic...
  8. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    2 Pro DJI FPV Drone - Forest & Mountain surfing + first impressions

    I recently picked up the DJI FPV Drone, and as someone who's almost exclusively flown the DJI Mavic 2, I've been shocked by how easy it has been to transition to the FPV using this system. Yes, I know it's not "real FPV", but that's exactly what I wanted - a drone that could easily capture...
  9. M

    DJI FPV simulator - manual mode is that hard or is there some setting that is off/reality is better?

    Experienced enough Mavic flyer but never touched FPV. Expected a steep learning curve for DJI FPV so I expected to be putting quite a bit of time into the simulator. Despite these expectations, I still find the DJI Virtual Flight simulator to be quite frustrating, at least the training sessions...
  10. L

    Which Goggles could i use for my Mavic Mini?

    I really want FPV goggles for my mavic mini, but i dont know which ones to buy or which ones are good. does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. theDRONEranger

    Caution with the new DJI FPV

    Dear forum members, I strongly urge each and every one of you to seek advice concerning the new DJI FPV drone combo. With the new FPV proffering comes responsibility. As each and every country has different rules pertaining to piloting a UAS, I would highly recommend you check your home...
  12. S

    DJI FPV Remote Controller without Goggles

    Hello. I've never used anything FPV before (just Mavic 2 Pro) but I'm buying a Bumblebee CineWhoop that has the DJI FPV camera and air unit (to use in real estate fly throughs). So it's configured for the DJI FPV Remote Controller, which is great, but if I'm using that controller, do I have to...
  13. D

    How to fly Mavic Air 2 using Oculus Quest 2

    I got a new Oculus Quest 2 as a gift last week and I would like to use them to fly my drone Mavic Air 2 as a FPV headset. I think that maybe I could just mirror the mobile screen to the Oculus or something like that (I would make the Gimbal not respond to my head movements, but could be a...
  14. KurtpH

    Have you seen these Mercedes Benz fpv ads? Pretty cool.

    Check out this Advent Calender (sic) Mercedes Benz ad: . apparently they did a museum fly-through also and posted a video on how they did it. and I have to admit these look really fun.
  15. Obsidian Sereniti

    2 Zoom Teaching an Old dog some new tricks

    Hello Everyone, trust you are as well as can be. I just wanted to take a moment to share something I’ve been doing during the pandemic to keep my mind straight. I happened to start watching FPV videos and fell in love. OK, so I’m addicted. I’ve built a couple during my time at home. Don’t get...
  16. G

    New DJI FPV drone on the way!

    DJI FPV drone leaks in latest images, release near - DroneDJ Latest DJI FPV drone leak: What we anticipate and why - DroneDJ
  17. K

    Mavic air 2 moving towards goggles compatibility???

    Hello everyone happy to be part of this exciting creative community and learned so much from all the valuable feedback ..It is my first post here so I would really appreciate any insight ..I have purchased a mavic air 2 with which I must say I am really impressed having the hope that it...
  18. Bussty

    Using mouse with Mavic Mini

    I didn't really appreciate this but with android at least (and I assume iphone) you can buy yourself a bluetooth mouse and take total control of your phone/tablet. Why would this be handy? 2 really cool reasons... SUN SHADE If you are using a really closed in Sun Shade or even one made by...
  19. iamsmarkus

    Where is firmware v01.00.0750 for DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic?

    Hi, I have the FPV goggles and I'm trying to connect it to my smart controller by this guide: DJI Digital FPV System HDMI Output Tutorial It references a firmware number that is: v01.00.0750 I've donwloaded the latest version of DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic, but latest version is: v01.00.0700...
  20. M

    YES you CAN use FPV goggles with your Mini

    If you have a bit of a larger budget check out my second solution which I also bought cheap used on Kijiji A) DJI Goggles (YES they DO work with the Mini if you also buy the Wireless HDMI Adapter and mini charger) I got the goggles used for $300 Cdn B) HDMI Wireless adapter MPIO which works...