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  1. D

    Mavic pro FPV freezing

    I have had my mavic Pro about 3 months now. and it has worked perfectly. But lately the last week the video has been freeing. I connect my controller to my phone to watch my flight. its been clear and no lag at all. i have not hanged anything setting wise but on my phone the picture freezes or...
  2. TreeburnerCT

    Epson Moverio BT-300 DJI Go 4 App Issues

    Received my Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses yesterday and spent last night setting them up and familiarizing myself with the controls. Today I tried to connect my Mavic, but the Go 4 app is crashing as soon as I plug in the RC and allow USB access or as soon as I open the app manually. If I...
  3. eroomomni

    Monitoring radio & video signal strength DJI goggles screen?

    Does anyone know of a way to monitor the radio and video signal strength while using the DJI Goggles? I've flown FPV for years, using the iPhone, iPad and the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer glasses. I have a couple weeks of DJI Goggles use with my Mavic under my belt but find myself referring to the...
  4. P

    [Fun] Can’t Sleep? Use DJI Goggles! (Mavic undergoing repairs so I got bored)

    Hey, my Mavic is out for repairs and so I got bored and decided to do this very short clip. Enjoy!
  5. JoshuaCarlton

    finally got to really put the goggles to the test!

    and It is just an incredible experience! It was a really bright day today and there is no way I would have been able to see the phone or tablet screen with the clarity I had with the goggles today! Honestly it reignited my love for flight. It really feels like you are in the craft! What a blast...
  6. Viper

    Falls Lake NC

    4K Frame Grab.
  7. P

    Goggles + PC Gaming FPV Quick Test

    I posted in the wrong sub-forum haha! I tried out the DJI Goggles with a quick PC gaming session. It was plug and play with no hassles involved. I apologize for the out of focus video quality. Here are my opinions on it. 1. Unfortunately, the low latency head tracking that works with drones...
  8. P

    DJI Goggles + PC Game Star Citizen HDMI FPV Quick Test

    Hey, I tried out the DJI Goggles for a quick PC gaming session. It was completely plug and play with no hassles involved. Also, I apologize for the out of focus video quality. Thanks for watching! Here are my opinions on it. 1. Unfortunately, the low latency head tracking that works with...
  9. M

    EPSON MOVERIO camera

    I have a friend who is flying fpv with Litchi. He told me there is a function that allows you to switch from the drone camera view to the phone camera view simply by pushing the C1 button. I was wandering whether there could a possibility to do the same with the MOVERIO glasses. With the dark...
  10. M

    New App For Mavic Pro

    Hi everybody, my name is Michele, i'm a app developer and a Mavic Pro owner.. i almost finish to develop my first app for the Mavic Pro, i't will be on app store by the end of may, it's an app dedicated to FPV with VR headset.. maybe someone interested... here is a preview....
  11. Viper

    Mavic Pro Myrtle Beach S.C

    Wont win any awards for this but practice makes perfect so I'll keep practicing. I really appreciate the portability and limitless possibilities this little Mavic provides wow.
  12. AlanTheBeast

    Rumour Control - Fixed Wing = FPV goggle launch imminent

    Control? He11 no! Start!!! I'd guess that FW mode has been honed to "releasable" (if imperfect) because the FPV goggles are about* to be released to market. *(Yeah, I know, they've been "about to be released to market" since about the time the MP came out ...)
  13. Member

    MrSteele FPV from a Mavic

    If you don't know MrSteele, you're missing out. This one has some shots of him flying FPV recorded by a Mavic.
  14. A

    Map red arrow / Radar Problem

    Hello, here is my problem In the map view, the red Arrow does not reflect the real drone orientation... it rotates as the drone yaws but there is almost a 180 degree gap between the arrow and the drone direction... Both iPhone and drone compass are calibrated... I've been using DJI Apps...

    Anyone headed to CES?

    If so, you should check out the Vuzix race, think it's the only race @ CES. Lot's going on there! More info here: CES Vuzix Drone Racing Cup – January 5-8 2017 -- they'll be livestreaming all the races, interviews with pilots, etc. Or if anyone wants to come by our booth, we'll be in the...