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hand catch

  1. Sir Maxwell Greene

    3 Chasing boats!

    Was on a recent job near the river... thought i'd put the extra time to good use. Kanchanaburi Thailand. Good mix of the wide and tele lens on this one. Was good fun chasing those boats.
  2. Gringorio

    2 Pro Hand Catch at Sea in Calm Conditions

    Avoiding aft deck obstacles to land after an endangered Vaquita survey:
  3. f13dfx

    Is the RC PRO reliable now for moderately long range flight?

    Hello all! Planning a trip to do some iceberg video & photography with my Mavic 3. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with up to 5km flights out in the open sea either launching from shore or on a boat. Have been using the standard controller with no problems at all BUT ideally want...
  4. RayKelly

    Air 2 Hand Catch my MA2

    How many of you hand catch your drones? Do you prefer hand catching or landing on a pad?
  5. Gringorio

    Matrice 100 Anti-poaching

    Here's an example of using the DJI Matrice 100 dual battery setup with a 640 FLIR cam for anti-poaching purposes. I flew this mission from Sea Shepherd's M/V Farley Mowat on Operation Milagro. What you are seeing are cartel-supported fishermen retrieving their illegally set totoaba (a sea bass)...
  6. Gringorio

    More flying from ships

    Granted, not a speedy FPV flight, but flying the Mavic Pro 2 from the M/V Sharpie through an arch. All sensors turned off. Hand launch, hand catch with help from crew. This was on a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society campaign.
  7. Gringorio

    Landing on a Moving Ship

    Having a crew member hand-catch is best. This is how it's done at 8 knots in a fair sea (Mavic Pro 2):
  8. heo3480

    Mavic 2 Pro Hand Catch (how to)

    This video shows how easy it is to hand catch Mavic 2 Pro or any Mavic drone for that matter. You do not need to disable the sensors as many other videos claim.
  9. heo3480

    Hand Launch and Landing Tutorial

    Sometimes you are in a situation where using a launchpad is not the optimal solution, this is where it's handy to be able to perform a hand launch and landing. This video will show you how to safely perform this operation.
  10. The Real Heavy Metal

    How I hand catch the Mavic without fighting sensors on...

    After my Mavic almost committed suicide by fighting it's way out of my grasp indoors and almost going into the bigger prop of a ceiling fan I figured out a better way for me to catch it if done properly. I doesn't fight and I don't have to turn off sensors. If nothing else you'll see why I...
  11. gsm2k

    Hand catching. Simple "mod"

    The first time i tried to hand catch my new Mavic Pro it escaped my grip due to the slippery body and lack of good places to hold onto it. It might also be somewhat difficult to see where you can safely touch the body without getting uncomfortably close to the propellers. I mostly use my drone...
  12. Gringorio

    Isla Guadalupe Beaked Whales

    Since I used both a Phantom 4 Pro and a Mavic Pro I have cross-posted this on the Phantom forum. While I did not edit this video some of my aerial video was used. I was lucky enough to be the drone operator on another Sea Shepherd Conservation Society campaign, this time on a research expedition...
  13. S

    Lost MP into lake trying to fly off sailboat - dumb mistakes

    Putting up this post in the hopes that I might save someone else from dropping their MP into the drink. Bottom line, my overconfidence cost me my MP. Situation: Was out on a buddies sail boat on Lake Erie. Hand already done several hand launches and catches from power boats before, so did not...
  14. jontracey

    Tips on safely hand launching and catching your Mavic Pro

    Hey everyone, back with another how to for new pilots out there. While learning to hand launch and catch I have a couple of tips that may help you avoid losing a finger tip (or worse) If you have other methods to do this safely please leave in the comments on the video, love to get your feedback.