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  1. RTKD

    Vermont and Florida (4 videos)

    Shooting slowly until I finish my race drone photo platform :) Until then I have some footage of Northern Vermont in the winter: And Jupiter Florida in the spring: My "Experimental" edit (lots of time remapping and a little jerk) And, if you care to see it, my very first flights and edit...
  2. logge

    Walking on frozen lake in Sweden - Lessons learned

    I recently visited Sweden and since it was -15 degrees C (5 F) the nearby lake was completely frozen over. A great opportunity to go for a walk and of course to take the Mavic for a spin. In the video you'll also see the traditional Swedish ice transportation device: The Kick (Spark) Lessons...
  3. Q

    Winter in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

    DJI Mavic Pro in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland. ND4 filter was used.
  4. J

    Frozen by Mavic Pro

    Frozen, yes me and the water but I think it was worth it. Might be the last footage from my Mavic Pro for a while as it is now giving me a gimbal overload message... Hope you enjoy.
  5. Q

    Frozen sea in Helsinki, Finland

    DJI Mavic Pro over the frozen sea in Helsinki, Finland.
  6. KennyInPa

    Broken Ice on Lake Erie

    A short video of a flight over Lake Erie near Erie, PA
  7. T

    End of Winter- last flights over the ice in coastal area of Finland

    Winter slowly ends even in Finland..., I did a few flights to see borders of the ice coverage. In this flight I flew quite far (3,4km) and all the time I had quite good reception (2-3 bars minimum), I was flying at 100m and I was amazed by the compositions made by ice, sun and water (see form...
  8. F

    Norway: Firmware .500 Dlog and polarpro cinema 8ND

    From a trip with the family in a small town called Bud in Norway. Had to try out the new firmware .500. The phone battery seem to drain much less now with the new firmware. But on the down side. The live feed has become horrible. The picture is lagging a lot, not smooth at all with all kinds...
  9. Annevanzwol

    Image composite editor - making pano from video

    Just made some pano's with my MP from a videos/photo's I took. Used manual settings and stiched with Image Composite Editor (ICE) which is free from Microsoft. Good to know I can make panorama shots from a video. Saves the time take several pictures without the need to check overlap.
  10. A

    Ice on blades - UK early morning flight

    Just took the Mavic out on its first flight on a frosty UK morning (- 2 degrees) and noticed ice on the props after flight. The Mavic held solid throughout with not a single glitch.