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  1. S

    My 2021 drone adventures in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon & Washington
  2. Aerial-Pixel

    Air 2 Indian Lake Ohio Sled Heads Poker Run Footage + FPV

    Had a good time this weekend with some drone buddies filming the 2021 Indian Lake Sled Head Poker Run. Over 175 snowmobiles fly across the frozen lake to different stops. It was a good time, cold but fun! Most of the footage was filmed on the Mavic Air 2 with some FPV clips thrown in toward the...
  3. virtualphotographers

    Air 2 Chicago Harbor Light

    Flew a little over a mile above the ice pack to shoot the Chicago Light as the sun set on a truly frigid winter day
  4. virtualphotographers

    Air 2 chilly Sunset Over Chicago

    Been hiking out the the lakeshore over the recent snowstorms that buried Chicago in the deepest dump in 10 years and frigid temperatures in the single digits and crazy wind chill here’s a pan I took of the shadows creeping out over the lake
  5. blackomega

    Mini Ice formations on a frozen river

    Strong winds and cold weather make for some interesting ice shapes on the Skeena River Here is video 2 of the Skeena on Ice
  6. blackomega

    Mini An icy river

    A great day for some flights along the frozen Skeena River. Here is my first video in the series. Please let me know what you think and as always. Please like and Subscribe
  7. blackomega

    Wintery flight and flying in the snow

    Good morning Finally got to film some other areas of the Skeena River and surrounding areas. There is a lot more snow on the ground now. Enjoy the film and please subscribe.
  8. blackomega

    Winter Snow Plow and a Coal Train (Flying while it is snowing is probably bad)

    Good morning. I love taking drives on Highway 16 along the Skeena River and take videos for you kind folk Here is another wintery drone flight of a busy snow plow and as a bonus A Westbound loaded Coal train Enjoy Please Like and subscribe
  9. blackomega

    The Skeena River is a Winter Wonderland

    Here is my first 4K winter flight over the Skeena River Please subscribe to my channel if you have not already lol Enjoy the show
  10. blackomega

    Winter flight over Skeena River with a CN Coal Train on the Skeena Sub

    Here is a winter flight over the Skeena River with an Eastbound empty coal train heading back to the mine Enjoy the video . More videos will be on their way soon
  11. Lake Ice slowly losing its grip

    Lake Ice slowly losing its grip

    With North Country daytime highs now vaulting into the 50's, even 60's, lake waters have started to spring into view again. Shallows warm up first, of course...
  12. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Cascade Snowshoeing Adventure - almost crashed due to ice!

    I filmed this video last week on a snowshoeing trip in the Cascade Mountains, I also put together a photo gallery on my blog: Illuminations from the attic: Snowshoeing in the Cascade Mountains The snowshoeing was a lot of fun, and the forst was spectacular under a thing coat of sparkling snow...
  13. Winter; Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

    Winter; Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

    Abstract, slow, meditative, 420-compatible, this film explores a short section of the Cache la Poudre ("Hide the Powder") river a few miles below its alpine ...
  14. RTKD

    Cold Introspection

    Messing around with some old footage today, this was winter last year. I screwed one of the ramps up, it's really obvious to me now, but I don't think it's worth fixing for a little mess around piece. By the way, if you're looking for music I found @Eric Matyas here on the site, and he's got...
  15. RTKD

    Vermont and Florida (4 videos)

    Shooting slowly until I finish my race drone photo platform :) Until then I have some footage of Northern Vermont in the winter: And Jupiter Florida in the spring: My "Experimental" edit (lots of time remapping and a little jerk) And, if you care to see it, my very first flights and edit...
  16. logge

    Walking on frozen lake in Sweden - Lessons learned

    I recently visited Sweden and since it was -15 degrees C (5 F) the nearby lake was completely frozen over. A great opportunity to go for a walk and of course to take the Mavic for a spin. In the video you'll also see the traditional Swedish ice transportation device: The Kick (Spark) Lessons...
  17. Q

    Winter in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

    DJI Mavic Pro in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland. ND4 filter was used.
  18. J

    Frozen by Mavic Pro

    Frozen, yes me and the water but I think it was worth it. Might be the last footage from my Mavic Pro for a while as it is now giving me a gimbal overload message... Hope you enjoy.
  19. Q

    Frozen sea in Helsinki, Finland

    DJI Mavic Pro over the frozen sea in Helsinki, Finland.
  20. KennyInPa

    Broken Ice on Lake Erie

    A short video of a flight over Lake Erie near Erie, PA