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imu calibration

  1. mhs2xs

    M2Z IMU Calibration Weirdness

    Prepping for first flight this morning and start the IMU Calibration Process. I get to step 3, and the photo is the drone, sitting on its feet (as in step one) but turned 135 degrees or so counter clockwise from step one, which is looking at the left side. I comply, and it sits there blinking...
  2. ASI_Flyboy

    IMU Calibration Help

    I am calibrating my Mavic 2 Pro IMU for the first time and it seems to get stuck on step 3/5 which is placing aircraft on flat surface lying flat. Anyone else having this issue? I was able to pass step 2 which requires it lying on its side, but the next step seems to freeze. No error message or...
  3. WhatTheWhat

    IMU Calibration Fail, Error 71 & 1, Compass & Gimbal weird - in Iceland

    SUMMARY: >1 yr old Mavic pro starts the day fine. Short flight - rain starts mid-flight, gives obstacle-error (from rain?) Mavic lands fine, is wet, gets carefully dried off. Mavic has gimbal error, then compass error, then IMU error. I update firmware. Same Error 71. IMU won't calibrate (fails...
  4. I

    Errors - compass, gps, IMU

    Hello, i got my Mavic pro almost half a year! But last flights i always get some errors. I'm running latest update, i did compass calibration, IMU calibration! Did not have any crash before! I'm flying in open area 200-500m from me with good signal, good satellite no metal interference and...
  5. X

    Buying a Mavic Flown in Rain? GPS Issues

    I live in Central America and have found a guy selling his DJI Mavic for less than half the price of new (they are expensive down here ... about 30-40% more than in the US). Problem is he says he flew in light rain for a short time (just enough to get it back to him, so a few minutes...
  6. R

    Getting stuck on IMU Calibration? Got to 2 and keep waiting?

    Well, I just experienced this myself, and lived to tell how to fix it! It's all because of the Starting position of the aircraft! The reason you're stuck is because our half-witted friends at DJI couldn't be bothered explaining how to position the aircraft in words but just with misleading...
  7. O

    Distance variations with on ground testing

    Just played with my mavic photo/video settings in my back garden (testing) with motors off, gps signal 11-12 sats, mavic in the same spot all the time but the distance displayed on the dji go 4 app are going slowly up and down in range about 5m, is this normal behaviour ? (I guessing gps...
  8. Dragonfly1

    New Mavic - IMU calibration hangs up and does not complete

    I am operating on the Phantom P3P theory which recommended calibrating a new unit, and the IMU calibration doesn't seem to complete. It's been going for 20 minutes now, which seems like a LONG time to me. Similar problem with firmware update. Not sure what to do about it ... any suggestions...
  9. N

    Shakey camera in sport mode - normal or something I can fix?

    Hi all Sorry for my various posts looking for help.. I think I've 'almost' got everything to do with my Mavic figured out, but there's a couple more things I want to sort out. The first is this: When I fly full out in sports mode, there's a bump that occurs during filming. Well, there's a...