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ipad mini

  1. S

    Sun hood for iPad Mini 6

    Hi, I haven't been able to find a sun hood for the iPad Mini 6. Any recommandations would be appreciated. Equipment: DJI Mini 2 DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Cynova DJI RC-N1 Mobile Device Holder Pro
  2. K

    Ipad mini 4 DJI Fly install help

    New Mavic Mini flyer here. Just bought an iPad mini 4 because I'm wanting to fly with a bigger screen. For the life of me I can't get DJI Fly to download from the app store in either the iPad format or the IPhone format. What am I doing wrong? I've searched the forums and everyone says how it...
  3. O

    Ipad mini freezes-what to do?

    Have an Ipad mini software up to date.Flying with M2P and screen freezes.Temp low 40's.I wait a bit and go to home screen+relaunch Go4 app.Still no feed for a bit and usually within a minute comes back.128 GB storage capacity with plenty storage left.Thanks for your help!
  4. K

    iPad or iPad Mini?

    I can't decide between the 9.7 inch iPad and 7.9 inch iPad Mini. There seems to be a few differences besides the screen size difference. The Mini has the anti-reflective screen coating which I think would be beneficial for our purposes. It's also easier to carry than 9.7" iPad. I would also have...
  5. Calhoun Ranger

    iPad Mini

    I know there are lots of threads on this, but if you don't mind, I'd kind of like a summation. I am sick and tired of my Note 4 Android giving bad video distortion. I am considering a dedicated iPad Mini. Questions: 1. Mini 2 or Mini 4? Pros and cons of each? 2. Can I get the iPad set up and...
  6. V

    iPad Mount for Air Controller

    Can anyone recommend a good iPad mount for the new Mavic Air controller? The current Mavmount that fits the Pro and Spark controllers does not fit the Air controller because of the new joystick storage area. Looking to use an iPad Mini with it. I don’t like the idea of squeezing the iPad between...
  7. R

    DJI GO 4 wont launch on iPad mini

    The Go app hangs on the splash screen, you know the one with the skateboard and that big clunky Phantom 4. It will hang for less than a minute and then close. Scared to death to reinstall the app and get some restrictions with an update. I have turned the iPad off I have done a reset to the...
  8. Shep

    Minimal Packing for Mavic Pro, Fly More, MavMount, Hoodman and extra gear!

    For the pilot, space is always a commodity! The beauty of the Mavic Pro is the size and portability, but adding gear is a problem! The Magic Pro with Fly More package barely fits in the bag, but what if you want to use a iPad, or a MavMount, or the Hoodman or another battery? In this video I...
  9. cyrocasabona

    Android user x IOS app

    I am new user of MP and I am using DJI go for Android. Unfortunately it freezes all the time and loses contact with the drone. Is IOS more stable? Is it worth investing in buying a mini ipad or Iphone to use with my MP?
  10. Shep

    Modification Tip - Using iPad mini in Controller

    This should work for any iPad mini: Like so many others, my iPad mini was tough to get in and out of my controller and all I have on it is a carbon fiber skin. I decided to brave it even though my Mavic was only a few hours old, and solve the problem. I took the rubber off the bottom side of...
  11. Kennetf

    Ipad Mini Preview-reception issue?

    Hey there mavic'ers! After hearing so much fuss about using the Ipad Mini in the mavic remote lately, I tired it out myself today. I experienced some glitching in the preview while using it. I had full HD streaming in like..5 seconds, and then suddenly it could start glitching all the time...
  12. Daskid

    IPad Mini 4 on Sale

    Hello! Just got me an iPad Mini 4 Wifi + cellular 16Gb from Best Buy for $279.99. If anyone is looking for a tablet to run with the controller ,I think this is a great buy.
  13. 1dr1

    Slight change in flight controller design?

    There have been several threads showing an iPad mini 4 being placed directly between the FC handles. I can't get my handles to open that far. In fact, there is even one thread suggesting that the right handle, if fully extended, would contact and interfere with the operation of the Sport mode...