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landing gear

  1. I

    Tried out the PolarPro Mavic Air Landing Gear...

    Tried out the PolarPro landing gear. TBH, never been a fan of adding kit to change the dynamics of a UAV... but have to say these are pretty useful.
  2. mrseancurran

    Landing Gear Raisers

    Any recommendation for a landing gear extender for the Mavic Air? I I know the antennas are in the landing gear so obviously mustn't interfere with those. I want to do some pebble beach take offs and landings without scraping the undercarriage of the Air. I see Amazon is selling PGYTech but...
  3. Pituophis

    Anyone try this landing gear-headlamp thing?

    Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at Aliexpress.com Anyone try this? Was thinking about getting it, but it's apparently only 96 lumens at brightest setting, and I'm not sure if that would make enough of a difference in dim light conditions.
  4. S

    Favored Mavic Accesories I've personally own, bought and use.

    I thought I would include some of my favorite accessories I've bought for the mavic in a list. I do reviews on gadgets but not much on accessories for things. But I still wanted to,share what I've personally bought and used with others that have wondered about these items. Most of these can be...