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  1. T

    Intermediate antenna to solve obstacle problem ?

    After conducting research and reading through forum posts, I have come to realize that obstacles, especially trees, pose a significant problem if the drone moves out of sight, such as between or under trees. What could be the solution here? Could I possibly place some kind of signal booster or...
  2. I

    Mavic Air approaching obstacle

    Fellow Pilots I own Mavic Air 1 that I fly very occasionally, and I have noticed a strange behaviour of my drone. Although the default obstacle avoidance options are ON, the drone has a tendency to approach obstacles when closeby. When that happens, I am unable to use the controller to...
  3. M

    Times obstacle avoidance has failed you?

    Obstacle Avoidance (Mavic Air) has saved me so many times, I have never crashed it due to this feature. But I have had some EXTREMELY close calls with obstacle avoidance, to the point I wondered if it was on! Have you had some close calls or has it ever failed?
  4. VegasDisplays

    Lost Signal-RTH-Close Call

  5. Joymaker

    Silent obstacle warning?

    I like that my Mavic Air warns me about obstacles, and I really like that it flashes little red and green indications on the screen to tell me where they are and how far. Sometimes I DON'T like that it also beeps an incessant screaming string of beeps. Such as, when I lifted off to take a...
  6. J

    Question: RTH under a cliff

    SOLVED! check at the bottom ↓ Hi guys, I have a question about RTH feature and a cliff. Imagine we are at the top of a cliff of 150 meters over the sea, And we setup the RTH altitude at 50m, And we setup the homepoint there at the top And we fly our drone down the cliff, to 20 meters...
  7. Member

    Return to home, tree in the way

    At least I'm assuming it was RTH triggered and obstacle avoidance kicked it, sure looks that way.
  8. J

    In Sport mode and obstacle avoidance during RTH

    I have a hypothetical scenario I wasn't able to find a clear answer for in the manual, or by googling. 1. On the Mavic, the Forward Vision System is Enabled and your RTH Altitude is set to 30 meter/100 feet ( yes, low) 2. You're goofing around in Sport Mode in an urban area. (Forward/downward...
  9. K

    Incorrect Alignment Method

    Hello Lads, Recently I have a problem with my obstacle sensors. They do not work. I cannot open active track becouse of vision sensors problems. I was trying to calibrate mavic again in DJI Assistant 2 but when I will go to this it is showing information about Incorrect Alignment Method and...
  10. D

    Front obstacle avoidence sensors not working

    During RTH I get the error, Warning front obstacle avoidance sensors not working. Any ideas? The obstacle avoidance seems to work fine indoors or just flying around outside unless I do RTH. I was not flying towards the sun but there was quite a bit of wind.
  11. Member

    Suicide by Mavic

    The take home point: When you fly into yourself, 1) Enable OA 2) Disable sports mode.
  12. Member

    Obstacle course