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  1. P

    DJI mavic mini / mini 2 uncontrolled descent

    Hi everyone, I am a new DJI mini 2 owner. I have seen lots of posts/videos etc about the original mavic mini uncontrollably descending, particularly into water. I would love to fly over water to get some shots but of course do not want to risk this happening to me. I have searched online to see...
  2. K

    OHIO FLYERS - Lets Start A Regular Meet Up

    Curious on the interest here. I've kicked around this idea, like I'm sure many of you, for far too long. I would like to officially announce the Ohio Drone Buddies group. I'll work up a page on some social site, most likely FB although I absolutely stink at social media, so if anyone is...
  3. B

    Selling my as new DJI Phantom Advanced

    I'm selling my DJI Phantom Advanced which is in 100% as new condition with all standard accessories. In addition, the unit will be provided with 2 additional batteries (total of 3), the optional charging hub and DJI high power supply, pro series filters with case (3 filters) added landing gear...
  4. NaweG

    What is likely to be the first 2020 Drone from DJI?

    Every time I get the itch to upgrade lately, I am able to hold off by realizing that I probably want to wait for something with ADS-B if I want to be sure I can fly it for a good, long time. Particularly since I suspect the reason we didn’t see other drones from DJI this year is that they expect...
  5. ChristophB

    360 video on top of drone

    Hi all, Not sure if it's off topic as it's not a Mavic, but before I owned a Mavic, I owned a Phantom. One day I stuck a 360 camera on it before I went flying. Here's what came out of it - I thought some might be interested :) ... you can drag the view around if you play the video in the...
  6. C

    Spark vs Mavic Pro vs Phantom 3P

    Hello all, I am trying to decide on my first drone, I will mainly like it to take good stills and decent video. I've decided I'll go used, so my budget is anywhere between $500-$700. Which drone, of the three listed above you believe will be better for a complete novice that has never flown a...
  7. P

    Has DJI lost it's edge? I think so.

    Like many of us, it seems we have been waiting forever for upgrades to the Phantom and Mavic series drones. Early on DJI upgraded these drones at an amazing rate. That seemed to have stopped now as production of small, lower end wifi type drones, or just lesser versions of the P4. Clearly DJI...
  8. W

    Should I get one?

    I own a Phantom 3 standard now, and I use it for real estate Photography, roof inspections, and travel videos (I am a licensed part 107 Pilot with a RPC.) I'm looking for something more portable than my Phantom, but it also needs to be better than the Phantom 3 standard in the pictures and...
  9. S

    Phantom 4 pro intra frame

    Hello all. I have had a Mavic pro in the past and am now looking to purchase a p4pro. My biggest worry is does the p4pro suffer from the intra frame compression that the Mavic pro does? Do I need to shoot in h.265 to eliminate it? Thanks in advance.
  10. M

    Footage - Flying Indoors / Motion Control shots

    100% shot on a DJI Mavic Pro. We hadn't found much footage of indoor drone shots before doing this so we decided to share our own experience. Shooting with the Mavic was extremely fast and gave incredible control replacing Dollies, Sliders, Jibs, and even Motion Control systems. What you guys...
  11. A

    Massive Cross - 4K

  12. TheAirTrafficPodcast

    The Air Traffic Podcast

    What's up fellow pilots! My partner Chris and I are both Air traffic Controllers that fly drones in our spare time, we started a podcast about ATC but we talk about different topics in the aviation industry. Episode 3 we talk a little about Drones. We hope you enjoy and If you do, please...
  13. PsychoTeapot

    Adding Mavic to PfCO - how hard is it?

    The company I work for has run a Phantom 2 for a few years, and I duly qualified with the CAA for commercial work. The Permission is up for renewal in November, and while it's tempting to just carry on with the tired old P2, I am wondering how tricky it would be to add a Mavic to the PfCO (and...
  14. mikey201

    The Big Island of Hawaii

    my Mini Movie of when i went to The Big Island of Hawaii enjoy :)
  15. JoshuaCarlton

    finally got to really put the goggles to the test!

    and It is just an incredible experience! It was a really bright day today and there is no way I would have been able to see the phone or tablet screen with the clarity I had with the goggles today! Honestly it reignited my love for flight. It really feels like you are in the craft! What a blast...
  16. Drones Ace

    What's your most epic story?

    I remember flying my first drone, a phantom 3. I flew it out to sea and didn't realize that when the battery is low, the phantom will automatically fly back. I took off on a cliff so I started panicking. Worried that the drone will crash or landing in water. Luckily, I stayed 'semi calm' and...
  17. thefrisbee995

    This quality is amazing!

    So I got a P4P when the Mavic came out as the delivery took too long. I recently switched my P4P for a Mavic... I got the Mavic knowing the P4P is probably a lot better in terms of video quality... When I saw how small the Mavic camera was my heart kind of sunk and I thought I had made a...
  18. donatas1

    DJI Phantom 3 professional 4K.Fly a Drone Ship Smyril Line Cargo.

  19. donatas1

    DJI Phantom 3 professional 4K.Fly a Drone Ship Smyril Line Cargo.

  20. K

    Place to buy mavic in Guangzhou

    Hi, I am going to Guangzhou this summer, Would anyone know the best place to buy dji mavic/phantom4 in Guangzhou? Thanks in advance