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  1. Amit Dunsky

    Mini 3 Stranded on shore

    Early at the 70's, a fishing boat named `Elisheva` went out to sea on its workday. The sea was rough, and it wasn't too long before Elisheva sent a distress signal. A rescue ship was sent her way to try and tow her back. But the rescue operation wasn't successful, and the crew of Elisheva was...
  2. J

    Mini Circle QuickShot with Mini 2 - Cristo Redentor

  3. N

    Mavic mini not returning to original positin after completing Quickshot

    Whenever I launch a quickshot (eg. Dronie), once the Mini completes the shot, it just stays where it is and does not return to its original position. Is this normal??
  4. G

    Quickshots - can't select person/object

    Has anyone had an issue when trying to do a quickshot where the option is there to tap or draw a box around what you want to be the centre but the green box just never will draw and so you can't start? It doesn't happen all the time but seems to be happening more and more...... Trying to work...
  5. D

    Manual adjust gimble in Quickshot mode?

    Hi all sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find an answer to whether you can manually adjust gimble tilt during a “quickshot”? I have a feeling that everything is locked once you press go but would love to be able to adjust gimbal Tilt in some modes like dronie? thx in advance...
  6. R

    M2P Quickshots not working

    Hi all, first of hopefully many posts and contributions to this forum! I recently purchased a mavic 2 pro, everything on the drone works fine.. apart from the quick shot functions Cirle, Helix and boomerang! When I lock onto a subject and press go, it starts normally, then around 20% of the way...
  7. A

    No Dlog in quickshot modes?

    Hi there, I was doing some test filming the other day and I shot some footage whilst flying around in Dlog-M H.265 25fps and all went as expected. I then tried out some of the quick shot modes and the footage came out at 30fps, H.264 and with auto colours! Is it not possible to shoot Dlog in the...
  8. O

    D-log with quick intelligent flight modes and quick shots

    New to Mavic. If I set camera to be filming in D-log is it doing that with the various intelligent modes including quick shots? TIA
  9. O

    mavic air asteroid mode camera not responding

    Whenever I tried to shoot Astroid, it shows"camera not responding" message on the screen, and then the drone hovers and do nothing. Some ppl said it's the gimbal's problem, I am not sure. I was able to select the Astroid mode and select myself with the green dot, but after that the drone would...
  10. D

    camera settings during quickshots

    any way to control the camera setting while doing a quickshot, say asteroid? i had an amazing sunset and wanted to try an asteroid but the the aperature was way too open and the colors were bleached out.
  11. B

    D-Cinelike turned off in Quickshot mode

    Has anyone else experienced the D-Cinelike profile being switched to standard when a Quickshot is initiated? This is with a Mavic Air.
  12. S

    Quickshot frustration!

    So I've searched through a few quickshot problem threads on here but yet to find one with the same problem as mine so I'm in need of some help. I have a mavic air I went down the local park to try out some of the quick shot modes and all seemed to work fine the drone flew as it was supposed...
  13. R

    Spherical pano quickshot causes loss of all camera control?

    Hi! I'm a commercial drone pilot and have been flying an I1 for about a year and half. I just picked up a Mavic Air a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. But I have a problem with the panoramas. Whenever I try to use the spherical pano quickshot nothing happens and the camera controls go dark...
  14. C


    I need everyone help. Why is the quick shot only available for beginner mode. Is yours also like that? Beginner mode dont let my mavic air fly high, how can i Take quickshot asteroid shot then?
  15. heo3480

    Quickshot Overview - Mavic Air

    Do you like Quickshots? Which one is your favorite with Mavic Air?
  16. 1

    Extending Dronie Range...

    Firstly, Im not a selfie guy before anyone gives me abuse. But I do like Dronies! It annoys me how the range is only 120m, is there anyway I can change this? Is there a jailbreak for it? Thank you!
  17. Gustavo Aguiar

    Quickshot mode or Active track

    Hello everyone, I have already tried the Quickshot mode, but yesterday I was test it again and when I chose the option Active track was activated instead. Does anybody know why? Very strange that everytime I picked up the Quickshot mode, I "draw" the square around the subject and the app showed...
  18. heo3480

    Quickshot finally available on ANDROID

    You just need to install the APK from If you don't know how I have put this tutorial together.
  19. heo3480

    QuickShot Footage - Dronie/Helix/Rocket

    This video is about the new Quickshot modes and how it works. It includes footage from the different modes.