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  1. G

    Quick and dirty lens calibration for darktable (Stills only)

    I was in need of a set of lens calibration parameters for darktable, since the RAW files aren't processed to compensate for distortion/tca/vignetting. After reading up on some stuff on the Lensfun site, I managed to piece together a quick set of calibration data to use in any program that...
  2. melmartin

    I've been talked out of the Mavic 2 for now

    I was one of those DJI customers that could not wait for the second generation Mavic, but reading many of the threads up here has really given me pause. Sloppy assembly, killing useful features, and plenty of reported 'issues' have me really not wanting to upgrade. My current drone is a...
  3. jedpause

    MP DNG File resolution

    When I set RAW files to be stored as well as JPEG it works of course but the resolution of the .DNG file is ridiculously low, like 960 pixels wide, instead of 4000x3000 like my JPG's I'm very familiar with RAW on my Canon/Lumix DSLR's and phones... but this is weird... I wonder if it is a...
  4. B

    Can I shoot Raw images while flying a grid (to create 3D model)

    Hello ! I have a Mavik Pro and use DJI Ground Station Pro to fly grids and build 3D models using Agisoft. I use the Mavik because it is easy to carry to remote field locations (mostly hiking). The raw photos are much nicer than the Jpg's, however I am unable to acquire Raw photos while...
  5. C

    Mavic Air raw still + Capture One

    While awaiting delivery of Mavic Air, I am doing my homework researching how (if?) I will be able to process raw photos using Capture One. I did multiple searches on this forum and Internet at large and did not find any specifics (apart from from existence of a "warm spot"). Specifically, I...
  6. A

    looking for sample .dng (raw) files to download

    Hi before I buy a air I would like to look at the still images quality. can any one help by uploading some to drop box, or wetransfer or any other service and send me a link to them? I want to see what the look like once edited and how big they will print out . thanks Alistair
  7. E

    Burst and RAW are compatible?

    Hi, I've tried today some shooting using the burst mode in RAW, and the result was 3 raw files that are equal, they are not with different exposures. Am I doing something wrong? or the burst mode is not compatible with RAW? Regards !! * Sorry if is not the correct category to put this
  8. R

    Help! Can't open .dng images in Photoshop

    I'm using Photoshop CS3, when I try to open the .dng images shot on my Mavic I get a message stating that CS3 could not complete the request because it is not the right kind of document. How can I open these?
  9. G

    DNG - is it affected by sharpening settings?

    Has anyone done tests to see if the DNG raw image recorded by the Mavic is affected by the sharpening or noise reduction settings in the same way as video? Obviously being raw it SHOULD be but its already been shown the Mavic does process the DNG image in some cases such as D-log being selected...
  10. thefrisbee995

    P3P Colors are Better Than Mavic?!

    I was watching one of my old videos on YouTube and can't help but notice how nice the colours are... Dare I say as good as or better than my P4P and almost for sure better than on my newer Mavic videos (I won't spam you guys with more links). Am I imagining this or something? The videos I made...
  11. Drope

    looking for water

    Shooting at Clear Creek near Denton, Texas. In between rainstorms... Are those turtle tracks?
  12. Titan Shores

    ideas on how to shoot RAW continuously with the Mavic..

    Questions: A) Can the Mavic shoot continuously 7 fps at RAW..? B) Could you make a decent attempt at 24 fps RAW movie with Twixtor? C) Could a future 'Magic-Lantern'- like 3rd party software hack get the Mavic to over-perform somewhere closer to 24 fps RAW 4K (or perhaps 2K) as it does famously...
  13. Achilles

    Mavic No Longer Taking RAW+JPG Pictures

    Hi Team, Over the last week, I've noticed that even if I set the camera settings to RAW+JPG, when I look at the images on my memory card, I only have jpg pictures saved. Anyone else experiencing this? thank you in advance
  14. jimmyshadow1

    Mavic Pro raw footage sharing!

    I would like to share all of my raw footage. Some of the shots look great and would look good in many videos. The download links to the raw, uncompressed videos are in the description of every video. You can use any of the footage you want in videos you make, but please give me credit if you do...
  15. Viper

    Another Practice session

    I shot some video today still testing D-LOG with different settings. Here's an image I shot RAW and did some editing on PS. Exposure 1/100sec F-stop 1.4:) ISO 100 Focal Length 4.73mm Filter ND8 Polar Pro
  16. Mavician

    Adobe profile for FC220 camera Mavic

    Hi. I'm inspecting some photos taken by the Mavic Pro FC220 camera. Looking at the Adobe Raw profiles DJI is listed with some profiles for FC2xx and FC3xx series but the FC220 is not yet listed. Can we expect that DJI will provide a profile for this camera in the near future ? Tnx, Phil
  17. Kennetf

    Best photo settings for Mavic?

    Hello great mavic people! I´ve just gotten my Mavic, and since it´s my first DJI product, I need some help understanding the photo settings. Do you have any preferred set of settings when shooting pictures? Do you shoot using manual exposure settings, or is the auto one good enough as long as...
  18. M

    Panoramic @ Boynton Beach

    22 photos - portrait mode - Raw format Stitched using Adobe Lightroom
  19. Rx4FL8

    Newbie Photo Question

    Hi, So I finally received my DJI Mavic Pro and after a couple of short test flights in my backyard, I decided to take it down to the river near downtown Sacramento and take some test shots. I was a little frustrated with the quality, then realized I'm shooting JPEGs, so they are much more...
  20. A

    First test shots from the Mavic

    Just thought I would share some test photos from the Mavic after the first couple of flights, I'm seriously impressed with the quality considering it's size!