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  1. F

    Processing Mavic 3 Pro images with Capture One

    I am curious if anyone else using the Mavic 3 Pro is having issues with RAW files in Capture One. I have used C1 as my primary raw image processor for years and have used it with older Mavic Pros and the Inspire 2 with no real issues. With the Mavic 3 Pro I am finding that the raw files are not...
  2. J

    Rainbow Banding in RAW images - Panoramic mode.

    Hi Guys, I am just doing some tests with my mavic 3 cine, and I am noticing an alarming 'rainbow banding' in the individual RAW images. The stitched panorama is un effected. If I select the individual images to be taken as a jpeg, this rainbow banding issue does not occur. 1) I understand the...
  3. Yaros

    Air 2 Porto Cristo at Golden Hour - Gorgeous Sunset & Colours

    Sunset Golden Hour
  4. F

    DNG very noisy

    The same picture made in JPG and DNG. The DNG is extremely noisy, remarkable worse than the JPEG. This is not a processing issue. The screenshots below are both from Photoshop Camera Raw. There is clearly an issue with the DNG capture. Is there a setting I'm missing? Perhaps a setting...
  5. SteveMouzon

    What happened to RAW?

    I flew my MaVic 3 yesterday for the first time in awhile, and the first flight was flawless. At the beginning, it notified me of a firmware update, but got stuck on 1% for awhile so I decided to wait til I got back to WiFi at the rental house. When the first battery ran out, I went back and ran...
  6. C

    Air 2s Photoshop HDR and Mavic AIR2S - Disappointing results

    I recently upgraded from the Air2 to the Air2S and I have only gotten two flights in. While the verdict is still not in I would like some input from other people that process their images in photoshop raw. I typically have been shooting in AEB mode and processing the photos in Photoshop HDR...
  7. T

    No JPG + Raw option in DJI Fly App.

    Hi, I can't find the option to change from JPG to JPG + Raw. I switched my controller to camera from video, then I clicked on the three dots on the top right and clicked on the camera tab, but there is no option to switch. I have the latest firmware for my DJI Mini 2 and Fly app versions. Thanks.
  8. ilSimo95

    Poor quality raw 48MP Mavic Air 2

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, really excited to be part of this great photographic community! I'd like to know if there's someone who can help me with a problem I think it's not solvable unless selling my Dji Mavic Air 2. Shooting at 48MP, I noted that images were a bit disturbed, quality...
  9. mikey201

    Pro Mavic Pro Photos Resolution is too low to Print

    so i dont know if anyone has heard the site but you basically set up your own print shop.. now all the photos i put up there with my camera i can put at any size. 5x7 all the way up to 30 x 40. when i try to put a photo ive taken with my mavic on there the only size i can put is...
  10. J

    Why is my RAW image grainy?

    Hi all, I’m new to the scene here and have just started shooting in RAW for post. However, when I have brought them onto my iPad, the images are really grainy, as you can see attached. As far as I’m aware, the ISO was at 100 and I did not have any filter on the lens. I am unable to see how to...
  11. OkandaCreed

    Low resolution RAW images

    Hi All, Does anyone know why Mini 2 dng images are much lower in resolution compared to jpg images? dng resolution - 960 x 540 jpg resolution - 2000 x 1500 Thanks!
  12. Bobell69

    Issues with importing RAW Pano images to Lightroom

    Today through this forum I finally figured out how to shoot panos in RAW. I took three Panos and about every 6 raw images would not import into LightRoom. I tried a number of different approaches and finally I loaded all of the images in Adobe Camera Raw (which worked) and just applied an auto...
  13. P

    Mavic Air 2 Pano RAW files like the original Air?

    Can anyone confirm if the Mavic Air 2 produces individual RAW files as a result of generating the 180 panos? The original Mavic Air produces RAW and JPG files for the Pano modes which you can retrieve from the SD card, so likewise, I'm keen to ensure that the Air 2 continues this feature. I...
  14. Prismatic

    Central bright zone in raw (DNG) from Mavic Air

    I've hit a roadblock trying to shoot RAW (actually DNG) photos with my Mavic Air : there is a distinct central bright zone, and I have not been able to tame it. (Note: I edit photos with Corel PaintShop Pro 2020. For those unfamiliar, PSP is a poor-man's Photoshop, with a similarly long...
  15. G

    Quick and dirty lens calibration for darktable (Stills only)

    I was in need of a set of lens calibration parameters for darktable, since the RAW files aren't processed to compensate for distortion/tca/vignetting. After reading up on some stuff on the Lensfun site, I managed to piece together a quick set of calibration data to use in any program that...
  16. melmartin

    I've been talked out of the Mavic 2 for now

    I was one of those DJI customers that could not wait for the second generation Mavic, but reading many of the threads up here has really given me pause. Sloppy assembly, killing useful features, and plenty of reported 'issues' have me really not wanting to upgrade. My current drone is a...
  17. B

    Can I shoot Raw images while flying a grid (to create 3D model)

    Hello ! I have a Mavik Pro and use DJI Ground Station Pro to fly grids and build 3D models using Agisoft. I use the Mavik because it is easy to carry to remote field locations (mostly hiking). The raw photos are much nicer than the Jpg's, however I am unable to acquire Raw photos while...
  18. C

    Mavic Air raw still + Capture One

    While awaiting delivery of Mavic Air, I am doing my homework researching how (if?) I will be able to process raw photos using Capture One. I did multiple searches on this forum and Internet at large and did not find any specifics (apart from from existence of a "warm spot"). Specifically, I...
  19. A

    looking for sample .dng (raw) files to download

    Hi before I buy a air I would like to look at the still images quality. can any one help by uploading some to drop box, or wetransfer or any other service and send me a link to them? I want to see what the look like once edited and how big they will print out . thanks Alistair
  20. E

    Burst and RAW are compatible?

    Hi, I've tried today some shooting using the burst mode in RAW, and the result was 3 raw files that are equal, they are not with different exposures. Am I doing something wrong? or the burst mode is not compatible with RAW? Regards !! * Sorry if is not the correct category to put this