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  1. B

    Flying in China? Need to register?

    Hi, Can i check if I were to bring a drone into China. Must i register? I have a mini 4 pro. Reading in some blogs that DJI drones are asking for some confirmation number to fly in China even though the drone is below 250 grams. Can anyone confirm? Or we can just fly as long as it is below 250...
  2. Adri-sharkdrone

    Laws for DJI mini - Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia

    Hello! New drone owner here! I have been trying to find information on flying the Maveric mini in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia and if the drone needs to be registered? Has anyone had experience with this and can help a girl out? Thank you in advance Adrienne
  3. C

    Yoooo, newbie here. I have some newbie questions too!

    Hello folks! Newbie here from California, I'm new to drones but been dreaming to have one for a long time... Just got a brand-new non-combo DJI Air 2S today for $800 cash. I'm very happy about the price! Yep I also got some newbie questions, hope you guys can solve my puzzle: Should I go with...
  4. W

    Registering state owned sUAVs for 107

    I work for a state university and am studying up for a 107 cert. My unit is looking to purchase a mavic air 2 for a research project. As with most large state/local gov I don’t do any of the actual buying, I just do the request, and there are rules for who can sign contracts, what apps we can...
  5. C

    Flying a drone in China

    I'm taking a motorcycle trip through Russia, China and other Asian countries, and I'm planning on bringing my Mavic Air drone with me. I've heard that I must register my drone in order to enter China, but I'm not really clear on all of the requirements, and how best to solve them. So, I've...
  6. D

    ETA for Drone registration in India

    Does anyone here have an idea of the status of DJI's Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for India. It seems that you can register and get a UIN for your drone in India only after the ETA has been approved.
  7. CarlosCN

    Permit/Insurance for M2Z required in USA?

    Hi, Would you please help me with the following points? I live in China and have my M2Z registered here. I will be visiting USA (LA, NV) for two weeks. Do I need to register the equipment in USA? How? Are there conditions e.g. max. altitude or areas where permitting is not required? Can you...
  8. I

    Fake Drone Registration Schemes - DON'T GET RIPPED!!

    Rant Friday. I hate people getting Ripped off! So US Drone owners need to avoid sites that "HELP" you register your UAS Drone. Already UK Done Flyers are being targeted by "PRE-REGISTRATION"... DON'T.. There is no registration scheme yet. It won't be launched til 30th November 2019! FAA Link...
  9. Z

    Registration (Romania and other countries)

    Hey guys, i am totally new to this drone world and I am about to purchase a spark or a mavic air, so both are below 500 grams. I am not sure, I read that Romania (I live here) do not need drones that are under 500 g to be registered, but in USA for example the limit is 250g if I'm not wrong. So...
  10. W

    336 to 107, re-register drone?

    Can anyone here help me out with this registration question? If I've registered my drone as a recreational user, but then get a 107 license, do I have to re-register or change the registration with the FAA?
  11. MalM61

    Drone Registration Coming to Australia? CASA media release

    Extract from CASA media release 11 May 2018: AUSTRALIAN 11.5 P27 DRONE REGISTRATION ON REGULATION WISH LIST The potential for recreational drone users to face further regulations has increased after a report by the nation's civil aviation watchdog backed mandatory registration for gadgets...
  12. S

    Stuck registering drone for China

    I am in China and will try to fly my drone in a remote area soon. I have followed the instructions at this link. You Now Have to Register Your Drone in China, Here's How Most of it works althrough there are some subtle differences already in the form (i don't get asked about the multirotor...
  13. I

    FAA Drone Registration.... Again

    FAA Drone Registration is back...with immediate effect, if living or visiting the US make sure you register Ridiculous penalties if you don't . ( MOD REMOVED VIDEO AS NOT NEEDED )
  14. Greg Smithski

    Turns out, you’re going to have to register...

    Owners of small drones are going to have to resume registering their craft with the U.S. government. Turns out, you’re going to have to register your small drones with the U.S. government after all
  15. gdlmus

    Mavic Platinum registration

    Hi everyone and body, You all know now, happy owner of the Mavic Platinum that you need to registrer your beast with DJI. Well there are a couple of questions around that... Responses not found... We all know that it is no longer mandatory to register with the FAA. But: - What is the real use...
  16. plee

    Can I fly my MP in Prague, Vienna, Krakow?

    Hi everyone, Please excuse me for my ignorance but I just bought my first drone (a total newbie) and hoping to use it on my upcoming four city, three country trip. Was wondering if anyone may know whether I can fly my MP in Vienna, Prague, Brno and Krakow? Do I need to apply for a certificate...
  17. D

    Electronic ‘in flight’ Drone ID Proposed

    According to recode, the FAA wants to create a remote drone ID system which would work ‘in flight’ More here: Drones may soon have to identify themselves electronically while in flight
  18. F

    Has anyone traveled to Brazil or Canada recently?

    Hi! Has anyone traveled to Brazil or Canada recently? I'm trying to gather some information on how and where to register a drone, and other possible requirements in those countries... Any solid information is welcome! Thanks in advance! Rod.
  19. szh

    Regulations in China as of June 2017

    Are foreigners allowed to bring drones to China and to fly them? There were several reports that since June 1st, 2017 drone registration is compulsory in China. How does this new rule affect foreigners? How and where can drones be registered? Is it possible without a Chinese ID? I was not...
  20. G

    Anyone know how to register a used drone?

    I've sold my P3S after getting the Mavic and was trying to help the fella get started with his Phantom. I know that he should register it in his name with DJI and the FAA but I couldn't locate anything in a quick search on Google and didn't see any topics about it when I searched this forum...