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  1. DJ Wes

    Skinning your drone – a review

    I recently applied a DecalGirl skin to my Mavic 2 and thought I’d let other people know of my experience in case anyone finds it interesting. After seeing a post here in this forum from someone else who had “skinned their drone” I decided to look at DecalGirl skins for my drone. I don’t know...
  2. Dunczyk

    Orange skin

    Hi. Yesterday came and immediately went to the drone. Sunset orange gloss from XtremeSkins. Hope Your like it.
  3. Wrapgrade

    DRONEWRAP released a new lineup "NEON".

    DRONEWRAP has released NEON line, a fluorescent color line, in addition to the conventional 14 colors. Parts that have never existed are added to this NEON line, and the effect of improving the visibility from the lower side is particularly expected. These are already available for purchase and...
  4. thefrisbee995

    What colour wrap/ skin is best for making a mavic hard to see?

    or "color" for you Americans :D
  5. O

    Reflective skin

    Thought people might be interested in my new skin. It's the same reflective grade used on US road signs. In regular light it looks mostly white, with some glittering. But if the sun catches it right, or I use a headlamp it is SUPER visible, useful if it goes down in the woods. Because the vinyl...
  6. jordan7554

    New skin from decalgirl

    I got my new skin from decalgirl.com today. Added a personal touch to it as well. Off the wall skin by jordan7554 posted May 5, 2017 at 3:17 AM
  7. AlanTheBeast

    Yet another skin post - Carbon Orange (Taco)

    First time I've skinned ... anything. Munged up a few areas that will never get fixed, but the worst issues were addressed with a hair drier and a smooth curved steel tool from the iFixIt kit. The Taco adhesive seemed not quite sticky enough, especially for small bits going around corners...
  8. Falcon

    Skins vs Naked for Mavic ?

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to get your recommendation if I should buy a custom skin for my Mavic. Just wanted to get your pros and cons and personal experience. Thank you.....