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  1. Dr_Zoidberg

    New 3rd party mission planning platform for consumer grade DJI drones - Pixpro Waypoints This is new and, in my opinion, quite affordable (10 euros for monthly bill and 5 for yearly) mission planning "tool" for consumer grade DJI drones (Mavic 3, Air 3, Mini 4 pro) with clean and simple interface. It's made primarily for photogrammetry...
  2. J

    Pilot 2 software for Mac or PC

    Does anyone know if you can edit flight plans from a Mac or PC? I’ve found that building flight plans from the controller is a bit tough and it would be so much easier to do with a regular PC, Mac and Mouse. Thanks for any input.
  3. Theta

    OpenAthena (optical terrain-raycast app for drone images) updated with support for Mini 4 Pro

    Hi, It's a great weekend to get out and fly, so accordingly we've released some more free updates for you all for OpenAthena. The app allows you to locate anything within any single drone image, turning what's usually a complex mapping task into a simple, quick action: Our latest update for...
  4. VideoProc

    VideoProc Converter V5.4 summer giveaway (Windows/macOS)

    VideoProc Converter is a complete video toolbox that helps convert, edit, repair, and resize various videos for convenient viewing, sharing, and further editing. With 370 built-in A/V codecs, it works well with any videos shot with DJI, mobile, action cameras, etc. It's compatible with full...
  5. J

    Soft for hack drones

    Good evening or day, I have been inspired by the idea of creating software for remote hacking of drones and taking control over them. I'm from Ukraine and I would like to help my country and put an end to these terrible events and the deaths of innocent people. Can you provide any ideas on where...
  6. WanderLost

    Where/how to check online for Firmware updates

    I've tried online searches, here and on the DJI site and I can't find a list of firmware downloads. I'm used to computer and electronic equipment updates where I can check the firmware versions on my equipment and then check online to see if I have the latest versions installed. I'm also used to...
  7. korciuch

    Hello from the Bay Area!

    My name is Kyle and I've been flying drones for many years at an amateur level. So far, I've flown to record college soccer games with a Mavic 1, inspect the inside an aircraft carriers's ballast tanks with a DJI FPV, and other weird, unrelated jobs. I passed the Part 107 test and graduated...
  8. J

    DJI software bug surrounding authorised boundaries caused me to lose my drone to the sea

    I'm going to save myself time and link to the reddit thread. I'm hoping some of you can help me out by reading the log and telling me if I have an argument here for a replacement. For ease, the log can be found here: I also...
  9. Yaros

    Tested DJI Fly 1.5.4 - Seems stable!

    Today I flew 2 times with the new DJI Fly version, and it seems very stable, even better! I got very good range and very stable image, they fixed the lagging I guess, because now the video feed lagged less for me, very nice! Also, I tested active track, and it works fine! One thing I noticed...
  10. D

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced CV Processing

    M2EA comes with the smart remote controller and wondering if it is possible to do some computer vision processing with Opencv and run yolo model in realtime? Has anyone tried running on smart controller? Does the processing support it?
  11. K

    Should I buy litchi

    Recently I have been hearing about how litchi is the **** and I was wondering if I should buy it for my mavic mini. What do you guys think?
  12. B

    Time-consuming tasks...have you been there?

    Hello everyone.? I am a commercial drone pilot in a corporation. Even when I know that flight drones is something cool, sometimes involves dull and time-consuming non-technical tasks. Have you been in this situation before? I want to ask you if you would like to share some of those tricky steps...
  13. C

    Mini 2 worth it? any problems with it yet?

    Im thinking about buying the mini 2 today but i dont know if its worth it (yet). Are there any known issues with it or the software? i've seen some messages about it randomly descending and not responding anymore. If you know more pls tell me :D
  14. Crouching Leopard

    GPS controlling power output between FCC and CE rules

    I read somewhere that the power output of the Mavic Mini controller varied between full power output for FCC rules, to reduced power out for CE rules countries, and that the output power of the controller was controlled by the GPS coordinates located by the aircraft. I live in Australia which...
  15. R

    Helping find recreational spots to fly

    I've had my DJI Mavic Air for some time now. One thing I find super hard is to find recreational spots nearby to fly. Honestly, from the posts I could find - I had to comb through many posts in Instagram before finding what shots I could get. If y'all know a better way to figure out where to fly...
  16. S

    Flight path software for Mavic Air 2

    Hi all, I'm so glad I found this forum. I just got a MA2 as my very first drone and I have to say I'm hooked. I've been out pretty much every day since I got it a week ago. So I had a question about apps or PC software that can be used to create a pre-planned flight path. I've looked into...
  17. F

    Its over

    Hello, I just bought a mavic mini and there seems to be a problem with the video in 2.7k mode. There is a few pixels that are "stretched" on the bottom border and it is distracting on an otherwise good image. Thank you Edit for more visability of this comment: If anybody reads this and if they...
  18. R

    M2P Quickshots not working

    Hi all, first of hopefully many posts and contributions to this forum! I recently purchased a mavic 2 pro, everything on the drone works fine.. apart from the quick shot functions Cirle, Helix and boomerang! When I lock onto a subject and press go, it starts normally, then around 20% of the way...
  19. Planet_Earth

    Editing Software/Apps

    Not sure if this is the best place to place this. I've been taking and making a lot of video and time lapse lately and am looking for a good editor to edit them. I'de something more portable like Filmmaker Pro for the iOS, but I use Android. Earlier I downloaded DaVinci Resolve, but I think...
  20. crazy_tall

    Recommendations: Image / Video editing software...

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for good image & video editing software. Are there any which do both well which people can recommend? Seems to be so much choice but just not sure... looked into Lightroom / Final Cut Pro etc. Thanks in advance