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  1. N

    Air 2 Some recent shots with my MA2 around Sydney, Australia

    Just some recent shots I have taken with my Mavic Air 2. Hope you like them! Find more on my instagram: Post in thread 'Anybody on Instagram ? ADMIN EDIT: All Instagram here & only here.' Anybody on Instagram ? ADMIN EDIT: All Instagram here & only here.
  2. N

    Air 2 Round and round we go...

    Round and round we go... Sydney Olympic Park, Bay Marker. Mavic Air 2
  3. N

    Air 2 Sea Cliff Bridge, Sydney Australia

    3 shot HDR merge. Add me on Insta! https://www.instagram.com/itsdavesdrone/
  4. Freddy1986

    Sydney opera house & harbour bridge

    Hi Pilots, here is my mavic pro video of Sydney! Comments and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you in advance.
  5. B

    G'day from the land Down Under

    Hi All Just got my Mavic Air, and so stoked to be able to use it when I go out and about. The biggest bummer is that I can't fly it in the 'burbs' where I live in. Will have to do it when I'm out on the countryside for full effect. Bernz from Sydney Australia
  6. N

    Nathan checking in from Sydney, Australia

    Hi all, DJI Phantom 3 pro and Mavic Air pilot from Sydney's inner west. I enjoy photography mostly but with Drones it seems such a shame to just capture still images so I've recently started doing much more video. I use Premier pro to edit mostly with Lightroom and Photoshop for still...
  7. J

    The Gap - Sydney

    Newbie here. One of my first drone video. Feedback and comment please.
  8. P

    Video from my first few flights

    Hey Guys! Living on the outskirts of Sydney, and I just got a mavic for Christmas. I’ve made a video just messing about at my local park. Any tips and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks - Philpyy
  9. D

    First time in Australia & brought Mavic :) Advice on places, please.

    Hi, I'm from Argentina and this is my first time in Australia. We just arrived with my wife and the mavic ;) We will be staying in Sydney for 4 days and then do a road trip to the Golden Coast. Any advice, tips on places where I could fly in Sydney and along the way? I've had my mavic for 6...
  10. S

    First few videos - Western Sydney, Australia

    Hi, My name's Ben. I'm new here. I received my first drone (a Mavic Pro) a couple of days ago and have since created a couple of my first films. Below is a link to one of these... It's my first go, be kind please! Thanks!
  11. P

    Sunshine in Sydney Harbour

    Harbour views
  12. Mako79

    G'day from Straya Mate - Sydney

    Is it true - we do the compass dance anti-anticlockwise.