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  1. hyperion_droneography

    Mini Sydney Video

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over here
  2. hyperion_droneography

    Sydney Mavic Mini

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over HERE Follow my Instagram HERE for cinematic drone photos Feedback would be appreciated
  3. N

    Air 2 Is this the biggest C you have ever seen?

    Sylvania Waters, Sydney Australia. Mavic Air 2. IG: @itsdavesdrone
  4. N

    Air 2 Some recent shots with my MA2 around Sydney, Australia

    Just some recent shots I have taken with my Mavic Air 2. Hope you like them! Find more on my instagram:
  5. N

    Air 2 Round and round we go...

    Round and round we go... Sydney Olympic Park, Bay Marker. Mavic Air 2
  6. N

    Air 2 Sea Cliff Bridge, Sydney Australia

    3 shot HDR merge. Add me on Insta!
  7. Freddy1986

    Sydney opera house & harbour bridge

    Hi Pilots, here is my mavic pro video of Sydney! Comments and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you in advance.
  8. B

    G'day from the land Down Under

    Hi All Just got my Mavic Air, and so stoked to be able to use it when I go out and about. The biggest bummer is that I can't fly it in the 'burbs' where I live in. Will have to do it when I'm out on the countryside for full effect. Bernz from Sydney Australia
  9. N

    Nathan checking in from Sydney, Australia

    Hi all, DJI Phantom 3 pro and Mavic Air pilot from Sydney's inner west. I enjoy photography mostly but with Drones it seems such a shame to just capture still images so I've recently started doing much more video. I use Premier pro to edit mostly with Lightroom and Photoshop for still...
  10. J

    The Gap - Sydney

    Newbie here. One of my first drone video. Feedback and comment please.
  11. P

    Video from my first few flights

    Hey Guys! Living on the outskirts of Sydney, and I just got a mavic for Christmas. I’ve made a video just messing about at my local park. Any tips and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks - Philpyy
  12. D

    First time in Australia & brought Mavic :) Advice on places, please.

    Hi, I'm from Argentina and this is my first time in Australia. We just arrived with my wife and the mavic ;) We will be staying in Sydney for 4 days and then do a road trip to the Golden Coast. Any advice, tips on places where I could fly in Sydney and along the way? I've had my mavic for 6...
  13. S

    First few videos - Western Sydney, Australia

    Hi, My name's Ben. I'm new here. I received my first drone (a Mavic Pro) a couple of days ago and have since created a couple of my first films. Below is a link to one of these... It's my first go, be kind please! Thanks!
  14. P

    Sunshine in Sydney Harbour

    Harbour views
  15. Mako79

    G'day from Straya Mate - Sydney

    Is it true - we do the compass dance anti-anticlockwise.