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  1. roflyer

    Mini 4 Bonaire Expedition - Drone, FPV and Scuba!

    This is the video of our scubadiving trip to Bonaire! Lots of aerial shots with the Mini4 Pro and Avata flying in Manual Mode! Please like and subscribe to the channel if you enjoy the content!
  2. Captain Filmmaking

    Mini 3 Mini to the Max - DJI Drone Reel 2024

    When it comes to drone filmmaking with today's 'mini' technology, we can push the limits to the max. The DJI Mini Pro lineup stands out as a powerhouse, providing a portable yet capable all-around drone that delivers stunning footage for both recreational and professional use. Join me on my...
  3. Thmoore

    How to register a drone in Mexico.

    Looks like registering to fly a drone in Mexico is pretty straightforward. Under 250g, no registration required. Over 250g, email 'em a form and some gov't ID and proof of purchase. This appears to be the procedure as of Dec. 2023: How to Register a Drone in Mexico
  4. Daniel Boavida

    Air 2 Melides Beach, Alentejo, Portugal

    A Moment recorded by DJI Mavic 2 air at Melides beach, portugal. A Wonderful place. **** NOTE *** This video is best viewed with the mobile app.
  5. H

    Hello from Scotland

    Hello drone pilots. I Just signed up to my first drone forum today but I have owned a Mini 3 Pro for a few months now. I recently got back from a six week trip in Europe where I filmed some lesser known cities in Germany, France and Spain. I am still editing the clips from most of the footage...
  6. Daniel Boavida

    Air 2 My Drone Travels - Elvas, Portugal

    This is my Travel Story with my Drone in Elvas, Portugal. Sit down and Enjoy, be ready for a trip in Alentejo.
  7. Sand_Hanitizer

    New pilot here!

    Hello! I’m a new pilot from florida, and I fly the Dji mini 2. I have the TRUST test certificate and I’m thinking of getting the part 107 certificate in the future. I also have a few questions. I’m going to Spain in a few days, and I’m thinking of bringing my mini 2. Are there any specific...
  8. Adri-sharkdrone

    Strict drone laws RAWANDA

    Hello all A note for drone users planning to travel to Rawanda whether planning to use your drone or not. Drones are banned in rawanda without a permit. All bags are scanned and any drones must be handed over to officers who will hold them in a room full of other drones until you leave the...
  9. Pasquale Josepe

    Mini 3 TANTALUS Provincial Park - Squamish BC - OC 4K

    The seldom explored, absolutely gorgeous Tantalus Provincial Park and surrounding areas are now on display. After a long haul of hiking, exploring and video editing I'm happy to share another location in BC. As always, I appreciate any likes, comments or subscriptions to my YouTube Channel. I'm...
  10. Jatekman

    2 Pro Rhodes - Following Helios

    Dear all, we spent the last week in October on the beautiful island Rhodes in Greece. Wonderful beaches and rocky cliffs, awesome vegetation and the great city of Rhodes gives you a superb holiday. Lean back and enjoy - questions, critics and feedback welcome. Ciao Rob
  11. rikk08

    2 Pro MALTA - More To Explore - 4K

    A compilation of some of my favourite shots captured last year for the VisitMalta | Love Malta: More To Explore Advert Campaign Videos. Let me know what you think
  12. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Fethiye Vlog

    Hey Friends, Monday video for this week in the beautiful Fethiye !
  13. donatas1

    Mini 3 Cinematic Drone Footage 4K. Minke Whale catch fish.

  14. donatas1

    Mini 2 Blönduós | Visit North Iceland. Drone Video Minke Whale

  15. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Vanlife Turkey

    Happy Sunday friends :) Have you ever wondered how expensive (or how cheap 😀) it is to travel Turkey with your van or motorhome ? New video is live (including some cheeky drone shots at Lake Salda and the Datca Peninsula) !
  16. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro We found Paradise (vlog - Turkey)

    Hello friends, This week's video features some nice flamingos at sunrise, a hike in the jungle and an absolute paradise for sunset with some stellar drone shots - Enjoy !
  17. take a hike

    2 Pro A drone adventure - The Ashalim wadi

    A winter time hike to the desert, one of the best trails in the area, full w/ cool cisterns, full w/ water, steep wall that you'll have to scramble through as you hike though the trail and beautiful scenery desert views. Scenery drone footage taken while climbing steep walls and scrambling in...
  18. donatas1

    Why You Need to Visit the Chapel of Saint Fatima in Madeira, Portugal
  19. M

    Mini 2 Sunday Morning Flight

  20. Altarus

    Flying drone in Finland in 2022

    Hi! Backstory : French, so used to the weird French regulations for drones With C-19, I barely fly my Mavic 2 due to living near Paris (a no, don't even think about it, fly zone) and that I didn't travel during the last 2 years. Back to present : Will travel to Finland (North, Oulu / Kemi...