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  1. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro We found Paradise (vlog - Turkey)

    Hello friends, This week's video features some nice flamingos at sunrise, a hike in the jungle and an absolute paradise for sunset with some stellar drone shots - Enjoy !
  2. nadavrub

    2 Pro A drone adventure - The Ashalim wadi

    A winter time hike to the desert, one of the best trails in the area, full w/ cool cisterns, full w/ water, steep wall that you'll have to scramble through as you hike though the trail and beautiful scenery desert views. Scenery drone footage taken while climbing steep walls and scrambling in...
  3. donatas1

    Why You Need to Visit the Chapel of Saint Fatima in Madeira, Portugal
  4. M

    Mini 2 Sunday Morning Flight

  5. Altarus

    Flying drone in Finland in 2022

    Hi! Backstory : French, so used to the weird French regulations for drones With C-19, I barely fly my Mavic 2 due to living near Paris (a no, don't even think about it, fly zone) and that I didn't travel during the last 2 years. Back to present : Will travel to Finland (North, Oulu / Kemi...
  6. AltroFuturo

    Mini 2 italian dreams

    Italian dreams and nothing else! Venice - Verona Filmed on DJI Mini 2 & Pocket 2
  7. TalesFromOurPocket

    Vietnam Drone Rules In Practice

    I'm planning a trip to Vietnam soon (they are reopening to tourists in March 2022). I am wondering if anyone from Vietnam or travelers with experience there could help me understand how drone laws are applied there in practice. I've read all the usual websites summarizing the rules. In short...
  8. AltroFuturo

    Mini 2 Epic Italy

    Short epic edit of my trip to Italy Riva del Garda - Peschiera del Garda - Mantova - Brescia - Tirolo - San Marino Filmed on DJI Mini 2 & DJI Pocket 2
  9. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Latest Vlog - Winter in Slovenia

    Hey Everyone, Latest vlog is live on Youtube !
  10. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Soca Valley - Slovenia

    Hey Everyone ! Today's vlog is from the beautiful Soca Valley in Slovenia - Enjoy :)
  11. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro New Vlog from Slovenia

    Hey everyone hope you are all having a great weekend. Here is the second episode from Slovenia where we visit some more beautiful locations !
  12. B

    Air 2 Iceland the land of fire and ice - Mavic air 2

    I went to Iceland for one month. Shot on the Mavic air 2 and Sony A7III. The video:
  13. Divine

    ND Filter Mavic Mini

    What are some good ND filters for the Mavic Mini?
  14. Divine

    Mavic Mini Randomly Flies Away

    Hey Everybody, So I was flying my Mavic mini at a lake in a safe to fly zone. Suddenly it turned its self and flew away very fast crashing into the ground. Luckily the drone is fine. DJI didn't give me a proper answer to why it happened. Everything was fine when I was flying and no warnings...
  15. Korrd

    Air 2 This is Flight | Exploring Montevideo

  16. nadavrub

    2 Pro Canyoning w/ a Drone - an unforgettable adventure

    An incredible adventure to the scenery Gilabun riverRappelling on the ever flowing waterfalls and swimming in it's cold water pools, an adventure like no other. Especially challenging was to rappel down those waterfalls w/o having any of the equipment soaked w/ water, surprisingly, my...
  17. Korrd

    Mini Berta de Battini Dam | San Luis | Argentina

  18. E

    Air 2 Flying in Alaska

    Last year my wife and I managed to visit various spots in Alaska - what an amazing place. We made a quick video highlighting some of our favorite experiences. Hope you enjoy the video!
  19. Rathi Roam

    Air 1 Faroe Islands | Heart of the North Atlantic

    My video from Faroe Islands is live! What an amazing adventure through this beautiful archipelago.. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one! IG:
  20. A

    Just bought Mini 2 bundle for a trip to Costa Rica, what should I bring or consider adding on.

    I'm new to the Mavic Mini 2 and I don't have much time to school up on it before a trip south. I'm hoping I can get a few hot tips from this to save me some headaches. Specifically I'm thinking about ordering ND/ Polarizing filters. Any recommendations would be great.