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  1. Mad Mavic

    Drone in a tree

    After three days of rain I'm getting prepped to retrieve my drone from 60 feet up in a tree. Since climbing the tree is out of the question and not accessible with any equipment, my only recourse is to try grappling. Therefore I've got myself a sling shot, 20 pound test fishing line, and led...
  2. Tree-tops-sundown


    Tree top at sunset, 200 yr old oak.
  3. Ghost_ATX

    What is your funniest/craziest/scariest drone rescue story (tree, water, mountain, etc.)

    I doubt anyone will be able to top zaceshighz's cargo ship rescue (epic!), but I'm curious to know what lengths folks have gone to in order to rescue their Mavics when they've lost them or gotten them stuck somewhere. I was once stopped and questioned by police for standing on the hood of my...
  4. Hodei

    First Crash with a tree, hanging, strange behaviour.

    Hi there, Well, I write to introduce myself and at the same time ask for your help. First of all, sorry for my english level, I am learning... I'm Hodei, and recently I got a Mavic Pro with the intention of starting to use it for future jobs. After several flights(6/7) without problems, the...
  5. allen.foster

    Drone eating tree

    You've heard of Charlie Brown's kite eating tree? But have you heard about Daufuski Island's drone eating trees? My family and I vacationed recently on Daufusky Island, SC - a short ferry ride from Hilton Head. Had a great stay on this historically interesting and lovely island. On our last day...
  6. Lou

    Mavic Rescues Mavic from Tree

    I came across this and had to share. Mavic folks are the most imaginative, can-do people on the planet...
  7. F

    Flying through a forest with the mavic

    Somme footage of last week in a local forest.
  8. pjnorris

    Survived a collision - a lesson learned!

    I had a near miss last weekend with my Mavic Pro, with a tree! 1) Make sure RTH altitude is higher than the average tree. 30m wasn't enough. 2) Ensure you have smart RTH enabled, so the Mavic will attempt to retrace it routes (Edit: not factually correct - see my post reply below) 3) Ensure...
  9. Member

    Return to home, tree in the way

    At least I'm assuming it was RTH triggered and obstacle avoidance kicked it, sure looks that way.
  10. Member

    The Mavic flying into trees? That's so yesterday.

    Nature fights back.
  11. beachbird

    crash and amazing recovery

    So I was using my Mavic to take a family photo and got caught up in the shot and forgot about the tree behind the drone... Crashed into the tree, and thought it was gonna stay lodged in the branches. Took my hands off the sticks, and it fell through more branches, did two flips, and "caught"...
  12. Member

    Crash vid: active track on car

    Apparently the Mavic doesn't do a full stop when the subject is lost.

    Mavic Pro meets tree and survives

    Love this video!