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  1. J

    Marine debris images

    Hello I am a student doing research on ML models for marine debris detection. I urgently need some high resolution imagery of marine debris on beaches / water / rivers.... If anyone has such imagery they would be willing to let me use please get in touch! Thank you in advance! Judi
  2. A

    UAV Pilots & Operators: Elevate Critical Infrastructure Security with Your Insights

    Dear UAV Pilots and Operators, Your expertise is essential to a study focused on UAVs and critical infrastructure security. Your insights can help shape the integration and strategic use of UAV technology. As a token of appreciation for your time, participants will have the chance to win...
  3. ShadowAir

    A Newly Invented Gyro-Drone / Air-Trailer Technology

    The Technology never Built Before - Gyro-Drone / Air-Trailer UAV I want to introduce our newly developed Technology "Air-Trailer / GyroDrone". The GyroDrone is a USTOL Ultra Short Takeoff and Landing with exceptional Payload Capacity. Longer Rotary-Wing Flight Endurance, with good Safety...
  4. Big Ransom Studio

    New to forum from austin

    Hello. I’m new to the forum and hope to learn, and gain valuable insight, tips, hacks, and mostly your tried-and-true wisdom and experience. Thank you in advance for any help or time you spend for me. I know your schedules are likely much heavier than mine, and I truly appreciate it. Off to...
  5. jay2020

    Deputy stops drone delivery of contraband into S.C. prison

    Interesting article about someone apparantly going to use a uav to infiltrate the prison...they don't say the drone acutally made a drop but it appears that the intent was there...
  6. SkyGrid

    Looking for feedback: all-in-one airspace management system

    Hi Pilots, We are looking for direct feedback from drone pilots and commercial operators to test our beta application.We are launching a new app on all iPhone and iPad devices: SkyGrid Flight Control The all-in-one drone app provides a complete solution to manage your entire drone workflow...
  7. K

    Mini Using UAV and UUV for marine species

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to use UAV and UUV for the same video this time to record Hong Kong's marine species for all your views. Hope to have your comments. Thanks.
  8. 1

    Drone survey for pilots ( A-level project)

    My name is Adam Forbes and I am a keen product design student from Falmouth in Cornwall. I have a driving passion for cutting edge technology and especially aviation. I am a year 12 college student from Falmouth Sixth form and I am currently carrying out research on drones and some of their...
  9. D

    Best place to buy a UAV in the UK?

    Hi All, I'm new to flying UAV's and haven't quite made the plunge yet to purchase my first one. I'm looking at the DJI brand (obviously) but wondered if there's a preferred retailer other than say Amazon. I'm sure Amazon's fine and will be competitive on price but not sure if they'll have the...
  10. M

    Question about distances in UAV vs Airmap

    Hi folks, New future drone user here (should arrive within days), so I'm doing my due diligence and learning all I can before flying. I've read laws, blogs and forums, and watched a ton of videos in the last few weeks, and there's one thing that I can't seem to understand. I have read here and...
  11. Dji Mavic Pro Fly Over on St Pete Beach, FL in 4K HD

    Dji Mavic Pro Fly Over on St Pete Beach, FL in 4K HD

    Some EPIC Aerial 4K HD video of St Pete Beach, FL yesterday. Make sure you stat connected with Aerial Uplift Uplift Productions for my videos to come
  12. I

    My mind, there is only one Mavic 2 togo for

    So, with two to choose from, which Mavic 2 is best value for money?In my mind there is only one..
  13. I

    UK Drone Consultation Walk through.. So Important you do it.

    If you haven't already, take the time to go through the UK Drone public consultation.. so many elements that will effect flying UAV in the UK. Part 1.
  14. sar104

    A380 video analysis

    I couldn't resist playing around some more with the recent video purporting to be a recording of an Emirates A380 departing MRU in Mauritius. There has been much debate online, including an earlier thread on this forum about whether this was real or fake. It turns out that quite a lot of...
  15. Drone Analyst

    Take Survey and Enter to Win a DJI Spark

    I have put together an important survey that will help shed some light on what's happening in the drone industry. I’ve written about it in this blog post. It takes about 10 minutes to get through the survey, and all participants are given a free summary report and the chance to win a DJI Spark...
  16. Prospero

    This is Big!

    NASA Flies Large Unmanned Aircraft Without Chase Plane
  17. I

    5 Simple steps to help prevent Flyaways

    Here are a few simple things you can do to help prevent flyaways. Much feared, rare to see. Anyone anything else to help stop the fear?
  18. I

    Recreation Drone Insurance guide UK - What's available?

    Still no "all-in" drone insurance for recreational UAV flyers in the UK. Some cover PL, some accident/theft etc, a few cover fly-aways, most don't. The recreational market must be a potential goldmine for an insurance company that ticks the right boxes. Who do you use? He's a quick over view of...
  19. I

    Getting Cinematic video with Mavic AIR ND Filters. How & Why..

    To get Cinematic video with DJI Mavic AIR, you need ND Filters. Struggling with them? Here's how to use & why you need them. Hope it helps.. Fly safe.
  20. UAV_C_A

    Fox Lake Illinois GLOOMY DAY AERIAL video

    This was a very gloomy day, but if you are familiar with Northern Illinois then this will be interesting