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  1. Mako79

    video splitter trimmer cutter

    Is there a free video cutter/trimmer/splitter without the need to re-encode?
  2. FantasticMrF

    My First Project (Abandoned Mental Asylum)

    Recently got my mavic pro and after getting used to it decided it was time for my first project. I took it to Hartwood Hospital, Scotland. Which was at one time the largest insane asylum for the mentally insane in Europe. It was closed in 1998 and damaged by fire in 2004. Here is my youtube...
  3. K

    Problem slow videos

    Hi i have a problem when i´m importing the videos from micro sd to my laptop, every video looks like a slow motion video, they are too slow and i want them in normal speed, they looks fine in my cellphone as cache videos, what can i do to solve this problem. Sorry for my english, im from mexico
  4. Blackshiri

    Mavic Pro Momo Video color setting

    Since the last update i lost Momo in the color video settings, did i make something wrong?
  5. markyodo

    Testing image quality the right way?

    I received the Mavic on Sunday and I want to make sure I have a reliable product within my return / exchange period. Step 1 was the calibrations. I did them all. Step 2 was the flight test. I flew for about 90 min yesterday. I tested maneuvering, signal strength, flight modes, precision...
  6. Daniel E

    Weekly Video is Up and Ready to be Critiqued

    A little bit of background: Every weekend since I bought my Mavic (2 weeks ago), I've been trying to shoot a different nearby area of where I live in Oregon. The videos are only around a 1-1/2 minutes long, mainly because I shoot, edit, and publish on the same day. I would love some criticism!
  7. Daniel E

    New Mavic Pilot from Oregon

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to finally be a part of this community! I'm a new drone pilot, with the Mavic Pro being my first video drone! I'm based around Southern Oregon, and will be uploading videos of the beautiful areas that I live near! I'm looking forward to sharing ideas, content, and...
  8. AzuraPhotography

    (What am i doing wrong?) AKOMA - An aerial film from an epic road...

    This is only my third video I have made since getting a drone, coming from a photography background it is taking some getting used to. I would really appreciate your honest feedback as i know there is plenty of scope for improvement! Thank you in advance. //AKOMA // One 4x4 - Three friends...
  9. 9

    Camera stopped. Plz help

    Any help on this would be appreciated. I dropped my drone from about 2 feet off the ground and now my camera stopped working. when I initialize the Drone the gimbal does it's normal function and for just a slight second I get a picture on my DJI Go app but then it goes black. I removed the...
  10. R

    Sending My Little Oil Painting Maker Back for a Second Time!

    I am sending mine back for the second time for the oil paining effect. Seems like occasionally (and I mean only occasionally) if I format the SD card and reset camera settings that I get a good video. But, the moment I change to an Art or DLog setting and change back to a Standard mode the...
  11. Bintryin

    Tell me the Good and the Bad so i can learn Thanks

    Start of the rocky Flood
  12. J

    Help with DJI Editor

    The video's I'm taking don't load into DJI Editor with my new Mavic, never had this issue with my P4P, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, any suggestions?
  13. G

    GS Pro

    When using GS Pro my mavic will fly the route no problem, I can't figure out how to not have it take photos constantly. I just want to use video. This is in the 3d scan mode.
  14. Ivanovic82

    Critique My Very First Video

    This is my first flight with a drone ever and my first video edit ever (that's why it's hidden on YouTube, it's a sort of test). What do you think of that flare? Do I need to be more careful with the position of the sun? And that shuttering on the shot with the camera pointing straight down...
  15. kcoleman805

    What settings do you use?

    What settings do you guys use for photo and for video: Photo: Photo: Single? HDR? AEB? Other? Image Size: 4:3 or 16:9? Image Format: JPEG? RAW? Both? Style: Standard? Landscape? Soft? Custom? If Custom, what settings? Color: D-Cinelike? Or something else? Video: Video: Which 4k and...
  16. TheWolfen

    Correcting Digitized Date for Lightroom

    Hi everyone! I'm a pretty new Mavic pilot but long time photographer. I just wanted to share with everyone a trick I just figured out related to a Lightroom issue on a Windows PC. First, some background. I use Adobe Lightroom to manage all of my photos and videos. I noticed that when I import...
  17. ed1nh0

    Some mix of footage just for training

    Hi guys! I've been watching a lot of videos on YouTube about aerial footage, editing, post-production, etc. and never tried to do something similar. I have some timelapses (sorry for the low quality) and I've been practicing some edition for a few days now. I'm a "Windows Movie Maker"...
  18. F

    Buenos Aires - Argentina

  19. Majk88

    Push The Limits - Motocycle video in 4K

    HEY guys i just uploaded new video to my channel.....i need guys your feedback. For the firts time i recorded quick object as a motocycle. Ofc. if you like it so i will be happy for every like and every new subs.... :) Thanks
  20. Majk88

    Ratíškovice - Czech Republic - South Moravia

    Hey guys i am from Czech Republic and from lovely villace Ratíškovice. Here is my video about this village :) What do you think ? by the way ... i will be very happy for every new SUBSCRIBER :)