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  1. B

    SENTOSA, Singapore // DJI Mavic Pro

    Hey all, Just finished editing my latest video of Sentosa, Singapore. I would greatly appreciate feedback. Regards, James
  2. Viper

    Mavic Movie Silent Island

  3. S

    Unable to change Anti-Flicker freq

    I was looking thru my settings yesterday after the update and I noticed that I cant change the anti-flicker settings from 50hz (all are greyed out). I have it in NTSC, 4K, 30 FPS?
  4. MavicMikeGA

    Wow! POI Video w/ Taco ND 16 Filter, 15-20 MPH wind, cached footage

    TLDR (Video): https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMib0AatS7pjHh-MrvW1FZd1C1r1pOoNMg0Gt9eHOTc3D_-T3uPRrtOu9zN7RGpCQ?key=SVkyTm9xZE1nSHA1cHk2SFNteTR1cUZubjJZaU53 ND16 Taco filter let me step down to 50 FPS, 100 ISO POI rotation at about 25 feet radius and 15 feet up. Video footage was very...
  5. K

    Newbie, need help with Mavic pro video

    I took my first flight today in Toronto and the video ended up really bad. It looks almost choppy and not very well put together. Can someone help me with adjusting my video settings? Thanks.
  6. X

    How to reduce shakiness when panning left to right

    Everything else seems awesome except when I pan from left or right there is a jitter effect / shakiness going on. I am using ND16 filter with 60 shutter speed. Not sure what else I can tweak. i'm on 4k 30fps the lower res version of 4k. if anyone has any ideas they would be much appreciated! thanks!
  7. C

    Mavic Pro at dusk Boardwalk Timelapse

    Took video of my favorite ride in Santa Cruz, the FireBall. Filmed at 2.7K in tripod mode to get the timelapse effect:
  8. stratos

    One of my first 4K uploads

    Hello fellow pilots. This is one of my first tries at uploading 4K vids to youtube. Can you please help me check if you are able to watch it? Thanks!
  9. C

    A "Personal" Video, Feedback Desired

    I contemplated about whether or not to post this video to share here, then decided why not. Others, too, may find another use for their Mavic after seeing this, I thought. This is not your average video. It's a bit more personal than most. Please be patient with me as I give you some backstory...
  10. M

    Woodlands Mavic Video

    My first YouTube video shot with the Mavic pro, had a bit of trouble with the active follow mode on the field and in high winds, woods shoots were tight with all the branches so used tripod mode. Hope you enjoy.
  11. B

    Spreading My Wings - 2nd ever flight video.

    Hey guys, I would appreciate it a lot if you checked out my 2nd ever flight video - Spreading My Wings. I took on your guys feedback in taking some of the footage from my first video and again thank you for the help. Cheers, James
  12. pcalvin

    Observations and a few question on video quality

    I ran some tests at the various resolutions and have concluded that I only want to film at IHD or HD settings. The image quality is so much lower at 1080, particularly when compared to even a DSLR at 1080. Also, I see that the quality really drops at higher frame rates. I find 60fps at 1080...
  13. C

    First Video With My New Mavic

    Hello everyone. Took my Mavic out for a first day of filming. Foggy all morning and overcast, but I worked with what I had. I'd always wanted to know what my wooded property and house look like from the air. A better view than Google gives me. So I flew around my land today and captured my...
  14. T

    Issues editing video

    I recently got some great footage on my Mavic. I had reached the cache limit on the app so the file did not show up on my phone however I was able to watch it when connected to the drone. I transferred the file directly from the drone to my computer via USB but now can't seem to open the file...
  15. W

    first go at editing

    just a short clip, but I am very new to video and Premiere Pro so this is just the beginning to more edits...
  16. ThreeGs

    Mini town

    I finally shot some footage that seemed to be a good candidate to apply the miniature effect or Tilt Shift. It is simply a flyover of a small town in WV so it isn't too exciting but I thought the effect added something to it. Here is New Year's Day over Miniature Gassaway WV. I have the video...
  17. D

    Mavic Disappeared. Fly Away Unit!!! Input needed

    Unfortunately I lost my Mavic within less than 5 hours of owning it. Im currently still under going discussion with DJI in regards of replacing the drone. The incident happened during a live FB stream and luckily I have video proof and all flight data which I will provide as well. Any insight...
  18. thefrisbee995

    I'm Done With The Mavic!!

    After waiting for like 3 months for Jessops UK (who have been terrible with their communications!!), I gave up waiting last week and got the Phantom 4 Pro... WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER!? Seriously, the video quality from it is amazing, the features, the battery life, everything and I thought I...
  19. MegaBat

    Downtown Columbus, Ohio

    Here is just a short raw video from my most recent flight over downtown Columbus. I still have to smooth out my rotation, but I can't believe the quality of the color straight out of the camera.