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  1. G

    GS Pro

    When using GS Pro my mavic will fly the route no problem, I can't figure out how to not have it take photos constantly. I just want to use video. This is in the 3d scan mode.
  2. Ivanovic82

    Critique My Very First Video

    This is my first flight with a drone ever and my first video edit ever (that's why it's hidden on YouTube, it's a sort of test). What do you think of that flare? Do I need to be more careful with the position of the sun? And that shuttering on the shot with the camera pointing straight down...
  3. kcoleman805

    What settings do you use?

    What settings do you guys use for photo and for video: Photo: Photo: Single? HDR? AEB? Other? Image Size: 4:3 or 16:9? Image Format: JPEG? RAW? Both? Style: Standard? Landscape? Soft? Custom? If Custom, what settings? Color: D-Cinelike? Or something else? Video: Video: Which 4k and...
  4. T

    Correcting Digitized Date for Lightroom

    Hi everyone! I'm a pretty new Mavic pilot but long time photographer. I just wanted to share with everyone a trick I just figured out related to a Lightroom issue on a Windows PC. First, some background. I use Adobe Lightroom to manage all of my photos and videos. I noticed that when I import...
  5. ed1nh0

    Some mix of footage just for training

    Hi guys! I've been watching a lot of videos on YouTube about aerial footage, editing, post-production, etc. and never tried to do something similar. I have some timelapses (sorry for the low quality) and I've been practicing some edition for a few days now. I'm a "Windows Movie Maker"...
  6. F

    Buenos Aires - Argentina

  7. Majk88

    Push The Limits - Motocycle video in 4K

    HEY guys i just uploaded new video to my channel.....i need guys your feedback. For the firts time i recorded quick object as a motocycle. Ofc. if you like it so i will be happy for every like and every new subs.... :) Thanks
  8. Majk88

    Ratíškovice - Czech Republic - South Moravia

    Hey guys i am from Czech Republic and from lovely villace Ratíškovice. Here is my video about this village :) What do you think ? by the way ... i will be very happy for every new SUBSCRIBER :)
  9. D

    Video cutout in sport mode

    Anyone else having video cutout when in sport mode? Seems to have started with the most recent update. I can be 100 feet away in sport mode and the have severe lag. Switch back to normal and it goes away. It was pretty sunny yesterday so perhaps overheating?
  10. Turkk71

    Black Hills, South Dakota

    Thanks for watching guys.
  11. J

    Mavic Pro video feed very laggy / choppy

    Hey guys, flew my Mavic for the first time yesterday in 4K 30fps. I noticed the feed was really laggy / choppy. When I turned the aircraft around it would take a second or two for the feed to catch up. I'm wondering if the 4K footage is too much for my iPhone 6 to cope with? When I played the...
  12. S

    How to get video of iPhone display while using DJI App?

    I saw several vids where you can see the display of the DJI app with all settings and the small map while flying. How can I record it (without hacking the iPhone?)? There are settings to save flight data somewhere in the app. Where is it stored and what can I do with it? How to extract them and...
  13. jimmyshadow1

    Mavic Pro raw footage sharing!

    I would like to share all of my raw footage. Some of the shots look great and would look good in many videos. The download links to the raw, uncompressed videos are in the description of every video. You can use any of the footage you want in videos you make, but please give me credit if you do...
  14. Turkk71

    Hello from Wyoming

    Hey guys, I stumbled on this forum after mistyping for the DJI forum. I have had my Mavic for just over a month. I have really enjoyed it. I struggle with the orange center in my videos, but frankly for what it is color me impressed. I still haven't made any films that I am just super...
  15. B

    SENTOSA, Singapore // DJI Mavic Pro

    Hey all, Just finished editing my latest video of Sentosa, Singapore. I would greatly appreciate feedback. Regards, James
  16. Viper

    Mavic Movie Silent Island

  17. S

    Unable to change Anti-Flicker freq

    I was looking thru my settings yesterday after the update and I noticed that I cant change the anti-flicker settings from 50hz (all are greyed out). I have it in NTSC, 4K, 30 FPS?
  18. MavicMikeGA

    Wow! POI Video w/ Taco ND 16 Filter, 15-20 MPH wind, cached footage

    TLDR (Video): https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMib0AatS7pjHh-MrvW1FZd1C1r1pOoNMg0Gt9eHOTc3D_-T3uPRrtOu9zN7RGpCQ?key=SVkyTm9xZE1nSHA1cHk2SFNteTR1cUZubjJZaU53 ND16 Taco filter let me step down to 50 FPS, 100 ISO POI rotation at about 25 feet radius and 15 feet up. Video footage was very...
  19. K

    Newbie, need help with Mavic pro video

    I took my first flight today in Toronto and the video ended up really bad. It looks almost choppy and not very well put together. Can someone help me with adjusting my video settings? Thanks.
  20. X

    How to reduce shakiness when panning left to right

    Everything else seems awesome except when I pan from left or right there is a jitter effect / shakiness going on. I am using ND16 filter with 60 shutter speed. Not sure what else I can tweak. i'm on 4k 30fps the lower res version of 4k. if anyone has any ideas they would be much appreciated! thanks!