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  1. Twice_Knightly

    Heliports and designated Parks to fly

    Hi there, Been having a heck of a time finding somewhere close to my place to practice flying and test features on my Mavic 2 pro. I read an article that list several parks in my area that allow sUAS. One park they listed that I looked at which didnt require a membership was in the 5 mile...
  2. Twice_Knightly

    New Mavic Pilot WA. Got a Mavic 2 pro and loving it.

    Had my Mavic 2 pro for about a week now and its great! My friend got a mavic pro platinum a few weeks ago which we thought was amazing so I thought i'd go for the 2 when I saw the release video. We love them, Gets us out of the house and on adventures outdoors. Just having a tough time finding...
  3. W

    WA State Drone Law, flying over private property?

    Can someone clarify for me the rules regarding flying over someones property? I understand there was some fairly strict proposed legislature about this topic, but it's unclear to me if any laws were actually passed. I'm talking about launching from my yard or a friends yard in a neighborhood and...
  4. Energy Guy

    Greetings from Puget Sound, Washington State

    Just moving on over from Phantom 3 Pro to the Mavic. The flying for me is all about the views I see of the beautiful sights around the Pacific Northwest. I usually share on Instagram. Check out the scenery at @energy98394. I'll be lurking here frequently! I attached a shot from my home so you...
  5. MikeC

    Washington's Olympic Peninsula

    Visited Washington a couple weeks ago and took my drone.
  6. studentbhakti

    Washington State visit

    So I have my license for 107, but I have only flown in my home state so far. Looking at flying to Washington and thought it would be great to take it out there. Any tips for things I should be looking out for? I know I cannot fly in National parks, and will look into tfr's and charts, but is...
  7. _InTheFeels_

    SAN JUAN ISLAND, WA | Looking for video critiques

    Hi everyone! I just picked up my drone last week and tested it out in beautify Garrison Bay on San Juan Island, Washington. The weather was just fantastic and I flew around trying to capture some of the good times we had. More videos to come if you like! I'm still learning and would really...
  8. D

    I'm from Delaware :-)

    I've been lurking around for the last month or so and thought I would now introduce myself. New to drones and slowly getting the hang of the Mavic Pro, which is a ton of fun. I live in central Delaware so there are lots of places to fly, unlike in the DC area where my family resides. The...

    Hello from Olympia, Washington

    Hello, my name is Jason, I am new to the drone hobby. Although as a tree climber / arborist, I have been pulling them out of trees for years, this will be my first drone. My Mavic Pro is on the way ordered from DJI direct.
  10. digitalartwerks

    Any Washington State Mavic Pro and Jeep Enthusiast?

    Hi from Issaquah Washington. Ordered a DJI Mavic Pro to replace my 3DR Solo. I love driving my Jeep to unique and scenic locations,to take drone footage. Let's Go!