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  1. P

    SD card or Wifi

    Hello fellows pilots. I just bought drone (SG900s) and I wanted to ask. I have two options to shot media via wifi (goes to the phone memory) or save it to the sd card. So which one is better and why, or maybe there's no difference. Let me know.
  2. gjmphoto

    How are you holding your phone and Wifi mounted Osmo?

    For those of you who are using the wifi module (and for me, I just about have to because my USB connection is completely unreliable (another thread)...how do you hold both your phone and your Osmo?
  3. I

    This Cable just made my DJI Osmo Pocket EPIC..

    If you Own a #DJI #Osmo #pocket then you need to be buying this £6 cable to make it a top Cinematic tool.No Need for Wifi unit with this cable. Use an Ipad with the Osmo Pocket.
  4. H

    Connect CS WiFi to phone hotspot

    Is there any functional advantage gained by connecting my CrystalSky WiFi to my mobile phone hotspot during flight operations?
  5. DJI Ferrari

    Live Stream: UAV

    Since the Mavic Pro used a hard-wire connection and the new "OcuSync" instead of the more traditional and well known basic "wifi", does this mean it is now possible to live stream to you-tube via Android tablets built in wifi, since the tablets wifi is not used for drone image/video transmission?
  6. DJI Ferrari

    Mavic Pro - Wifi?

    So I looked online and found mixed answers and Now I don't know what to believe, I also went to dji and their answer was just a bunch of numbers and other stuff I did not understand. I know the spark uses wifi and I am asking because I heard that some of the more advanced DJI UAVs use some other...
  7. N

    Ocusync 2 vs power lines & WIFI

    Hi, I'm just receiving my Mavic 2 Pro and that's my first post on your forum. Several messages and videos seem to demonstrate that Mavic 2 is easily impacted by power line disturbances and therefore causes the crash. Is it really a loss of ocusync 2 signal ? Or the electromagnetic effects of...
  8. C

    Mavic Air WiFi - iPhone Screen Quailty

    Quick question from a newb.... Do you ever get lag on your iPhone screen in areas you’ve flown before where you never experienced lag on the video stream? For instance, I fly in a park where I have never experienced any loss of screen quality or lag from the stream to my iPhone, but when I flew...
  9. Prmath

    Fly with the cable......

    turning off WI-FI and using a cable connection from RC to the tablet or phone..... Is this really possible ?
  10. bo1210

    Can't get video on DJI app via WiFi for use with Katana

    UPDATE: Apparently, an update this morning to DJI Go 4 has corrected the problem. Problem? My phone finds and connects to the Mavic Pro's WiFi just fine. But when I launch the DJI Go app, the Mavic Air shows on the screen. I choose the Mavic Pro, then hit Enter Device and it just goes to the...
  11. B

    Occusync (MavPro) vs Wifi on the Mavic Air - need help!

    Hi I am deciding between purchasing the Mavic Pro and the Mavic Air. I was previously set on the Mavic Air as it is smaller, seems to have great quality video, $200 cheaper, etc. BUT I recently read that the Mavic Pro uses Occusync and the Mavic Air does not have that, and requires Wifi to...
  12. P

    Is it better to connect through WIFI-password instead QR-code?

    TL;DR; Is it best practice to always make sure to connect to the drone via WIFI-password instead of QR-code to prevent or minimize the risk of being unable to reconnect, if you lose your connection.. in the case locking the iPhone screen for example? Longer version: I just bought a MA and have...
  13. S

    Mavic Air WiFi settings

    I live in the US. My Air defaults to the 2.4ghz band on start up. I get a lot of interference on that band. To switch to 5.8ghz, I have to go to the WiFi settings, switch to custom, tap on one of the 100s channels. It then restarts the WiFi and goes from 2.4 to 5.8ghz. I then switch it back to...
  14. T

    Can't select subject in active track in WiFi mode

    Hello I have tried using WiFi mode for the first time today with the iPhone 7 Plus. I can connect and control the drone with my phone, but I have two issues: - can't tap the screen to focus - can't select the subject in Active track mode: I can activate Active Track mode, but cannot drag to...
  15. F

    Ipad and Mavic Pro

    Can you use the iPad (5th generation), 9.7" Wi-Fi only model with the Mavic Pro or do you have to have one with cellular service?
  16. M

    Second hand Mavic wifi rest?

    Hi guys, bought a Mavic quite a while ago and always flew it with the remote. Yesterday i tried connecting it via wifi to fly it with my phone,but it would not accept the wifi password that is on the drone.I think the previous owner must have changed the password and I have no way to contact...
  17. ThreeGs

    WiFi only iPad tethered to iPhone

    I know that WiFi only iPads won't be able to do the follow me functionality and I won't be able to update my controller location. However... Do you get that functionality if you tether to an iPhone to get a network connection? I just tried this with my older WiFi only iPad tethered to my iPhone...
  18. T

    MP on a Pixel 2 XL

    I recently had a Nexus 6 phone and used it as my monitor. The usb connector on it finally gave up so no cables connected to it would keep a connection unless I held it a certain way and rubbed my belly while chewing gum at the same time. So I had to pack away the MP until I had a new phone. I...
  19. F

    WiFi Flying Mode Issues - Can't take off after latest Firmware

    So I've been searching the web and forums and there are a few people with my same problem. A day ago I tried WiFi mode for the first time. I could take off, but it kept going into "Auto-Land" mode. Very frustrating. I was trying to use active track but it would not work at all. So, this morning...
  20. L


    Hello. Just bought a DJI Mavic Pro and have a screen Q. Rang customer tech support and they weren’t very helpful. I only have an iPhone 5 so not compatible :( I am trying to figure out the best value way to get a good screen for the controller. I want FULL functionality of the drone - like...