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$120 - Refurbished Apple iPad 4, 32GB Wi-Fi in Black


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Jun 10, 2018
Davis, California
Is this enough of memory to run the DJI apps and use this as a dedicated monitor for a drone?

$120.00 for a refurbished Apple iPad 4, 32GB Wi-Fi in Black - Free Shipping

Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display 32GB Wi-Fi 4th Generation in Black |

I saw the link to this deal on a and thought that I would pass it on.

They sell a Product Replacement Protection Plan From Consumer Priority Service (CPS)

1 Year Plan for $15.99 and a 2 Year Plan for $24.99

The Contract covers units in a residential (non-commercial) environment
100% refund of the purchase price (less shipping & tax)
Contract covers free shipping
CPS coverage will begin on day 31
Fully transferable, cancel anytime
Covers standard hardware malfunctions & accidental damage
(liquid/impact damage, cracked LCD screens)

Has there ever been a deals channel or sub forum here?

In the past I have ordered from itechdeals, but I have no other affiliation with the business.

I see that Walmart has the same product (refurbished) for $139.99
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I use it, 128mb ver. - its fine, keep it out of direct sunlight is the only issue I found, it will run slow

edit: I am running a version of GO from last year.
I have one too and works for me. Don’t get maps though
Nothing whatsoever wrong with this iPad Mini4.
It is far from being a dinosaur and 32 GB is more than enough to fly the Mavic.
Since there is no GPS on the wifi Mini4, you' simply need to download the map area your are going to fly in and you'll be fine.
The major downside to ANY phone or tablet is that they ALL suck big time in bright sunlight. You'll need a sunshade for sure.
There are a number of videos availablr on how to cache maps to these wifi ipads. Mine works fine for that
There is a big difference as I tested my sons old iPad 4 and it was terrible. The 128 mini 4 that I use works good
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