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Avata 2: Did DJI change the connection strategy?

Droning on and on...

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Feb 11, 2018
Santa Cruz, CA
Noticed this in the user manual for goggles 3:


Reading through this, the linking process has changed. The controller is no longer linked to the aircraft, but rather to the goggles.

The Avata MC(2) and FPV RC transmit directly to the aircraft, and that's why you link them with the Avata. In fact, it was possible to lose connection with original MC initiating RTH while still having video in the goggles (V2, when this happened to me).

Now, the linking process connects the MC3 to the goggles 3. Is the system now communicating only between goggles and aircraft, the control commands being carried by the goggles connection?

I think so. Would love to know 😁
Sounds like this will resolve the issues flyers seem to have with linking controllers with various drones. DJI drones are starting to be many compatible and it is inconvenient to constantly link before you fly.

Linking your aircraft to the goggles is still standard. You power up the drone while wearing the goggles but you haven't yet decided if you will use the rc or the mc. In the meantime, you can see the drone camera in the goggles but you can't fly because there's no "controller." For some drones, at this point, when you power up the mc/rc, you had to press and hold both the mc/rc and the drone to make the you mentioned. Seems like no longer since both of those (mc and rc) should already have been linked to the goggles. Turn on your controller....all connected.

Obviously I don't have the answer here but why is there no antenna (small antenna) on the rc3 and why is the mc3 so tiny? As you said, is it true those controllers no longer have to reach out directly to the drone far far away but instead thru the goggles? I see there are still separate channels indicated in the goggles RC and HD....honestly, if the range increases on both significantly, it's a win even if they both drop at the same time although it was nice to maintain one when the other dropped. I dunno, maybe this is just for linking only and otherwise nothing else has changed thanks to O4.
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