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Best type of tablet


Sep 23, 2018
Hey... can anyone please tell me if Samsung Tab 4 16GB works with the DJI GO 4 app. If not what works best... not an Apple fan at all.
Other than the Go app suddenly closing, which I think may be a common problem related to video caching, possibly specific to caching to SD card, I've had no issues with Tab S3, so S4 should be good.
Tab E is horrible, even with Go3 for P3A.
Get the Asus Zenpad Z8s. 3gb of ram, 2k screen and gps cellular. $174 bestbuy.
My Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" with 16gb works great. The streamed video was very smooth out to about 1000 feet, where I quit returned closer to home. You will need to buy or build a mount.
Thank you all for your advice... got the Samsung tab 4 and it works great so far... test flight ouout 5000 ft no gliches... thanks again