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Casting DJI Fly to the Epson BT-300


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Jul 27, 2017
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Just been experimenting with casting to the Epson Bt-300 from a Ipad Mini 4 (using airplay) while running DJI Fly
Have both your glasses and the ipad connected to the same wireless network

Here are the instructions

On the Epson BT-300
  • Through the web browser sideload via apk the AirPlayMirror demo app and install.
  • (demo version is 15min, but I haven't worked out how to get the paid version on to the Epson glasses as they don't support the Google Play store)
  • then open the app

On the ipad mini 4
  • slide diagonally down from the top right of screen to open the command center
  • tap on "screen mirroring" and select "EMBT3C" which is the Epson glasses.
  • Run DJI Fly as you would normally

Latency might not be good enough for flying, but as a third party viewer it works well
Latency might be improved by selecting a lower " quality of mirroring"
  • In the settings of the AirPlayMirror app (selected while you are in mirroring view - small arrow to the left of screen, tap the left of the epson screen to bring up the small arrow)
  • Select the "cog wheel" and then "quality of mirroring", try low for less latency but there is the quality comprimise, I find medium works the best for me

In the field I use Netgear Nighthawk M1cellular mobile router to provide the wi-fi network needed, I find it works better than the phone and you can select 5.8ghz for greater bandwidth

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