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CrystalSky supported apps (tracking thread)

Keep the thread going... I'm sure that there are a lot more paying attention to this one than there are commenting. I'll try FCC mode shortly as I have Fake GPS working on the Crystalsky.

Old thread but important to me. How did you instal fake gps and which one did you use?
If you want Litchi on your crystal sky, it easy. Go to, follow the instructions to download through amazon app store. download the amazon app store to your cs after that search the store for litchi and download to your cs the apk files will show up on the settings screen. Tap on apk file to install
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Hey guys, I am creating this thread to allow us all what apps are compatible and working with the CrystalSky and which apps, just don't work. If you want me to test apps, let me know down below what I should test. Ideally they should be free apps, as testing paid apps requires me to go search for a cracked version of it.

To easily download apps, you should download both Yalp and the Amazon App Store.
Yalp is great for keeping your apps up to date, or rolling them back to an earlier version.

I will update this list as new information comes up.

Google Services: (Install first, in the order shown, if using apps requiring these)
  1. Google Play Services
  2. More Google Play Services
  3. Google Play Store
  4. Google Maps
Compatible and working:
  • Adobe apps (Yalp)
  • AirMap (Yalp)
  • Amazon Prime Video (Yalp)
  • AndFTP (Yalp)
  • B4UFly (requires Google Play software and Maps) (Yalp)
  • CM File Manager (Yalp)
  • Compass (No Ads) (Yalp)
  • Drone Code (Yalp)
  • Drone Harmony (requires Google Play software and Maps) (Download Here)
  • Facebook (Yalp)
  • Firefox Browser fast & private (Yalp)
  • Gboard - the Google Keyboard (Yalp)
  • Google Chrome (requires Google Play software) (sign in not possible) (Yalp)
  • Google Translate (Yalp)
  • Instagram (kind of) (Yalp)
  • Kodi (Yalp)
  • LightwaveRF Home Automation (Yalp)
  • Litchi (Amazon App Store)
  • MavicPilots - Mavic Forum (Yalp)
  • Netflix (Yalp)
  • Pandora Music (Yalp)
  • PolarPro Filter Calculator (Yalp)
  • SlingBox Player (Download Here)
  • UAV Forecast (Yalp)
  • VLC for Android (Yalp)
  • WolOn - Wake on LAN (Yalp)
  • YouTube (requires Google Play software) (sign in not possible) (Download Here)
Not compatible:
  • Allcast
  • Autopilot (iOS only)
  • GS Pro (iPad only)
  • Hanger360 (iOS only)
  • Hulu
  • Miracast
  • Parrot Freeflight Pro
  • TomTom Go
  • FreeFlight (all versions)
Information about Yalp and additional apps found there, courtesy of @GTMonster.
Could one use "Dronedeploy" software with the Crystal Sky 7.8
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