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CrystalSky supported apps (tracking thread)

I'm guessing that the Mavic does not update location until it sees satellites so assumes is in its last location.
I'm using the latest firmwares on the Mavic etc and Crystalsky.
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Were you in airplane mode when you tried? Or hooked up to home/mobile wifi?

What about running a custom GO4 app with FCC enabled by default?
The Wifi was turned off on the Crystalsky... I dont think that you can install a custom Go4 app onto the Crystalsky... Unless someone has proved this workable, I'd be too concerned that in doing so I'd loose the existing version on the device.
A few of us run custom GO4 apps on the CS, side loaded in addition to the built in / default GO4 so yes, it's certainly possible James.

The rules on this forum may prevent public discussion of such subjects tho - msg me elsewhere for details if needed.
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Different note. Has anyone found a Bluetooth module that is compatible with the Crystalsky? I'd like to use it with Nikon Snapbridge. In daylight, the screen would be perfect.

I also have a list of working apps that I will add later.
Apps that work.... Download Yalp of the net first and log in with your Pay Store details. Download the below apps through Yalp straight to your CS. Just type wanted app name into search bar in Yalp. Not pretty like play store but works. Yalp will download apps that you have purchased in the Pay Store, but the CS can't confirm purchase so they won't work.

Mavic Pilots app - this forum

Lightroom - photo editor

Photoshop - photo editor

Google Chrome - internet (no sign in/sync)

Firefox - internet
(sync works fine)

VLC - media player

Compass - obvious!

Kodi - media player

Facebook - unfortunately (incase I actually want to share instantaneously... not that I ever use Facebook).

Google translate - in case youre flying elsewhere

Done Code - show your rights to the pesky doubters passing by... and know your rights

WOL - Wake On LAN (turn on remote NAS drives attached to same WiFi

Kittyhawk - to let you know where you can fly etc

LightWaveRF - switch the pre setup charger on by remote from any location.

Netflix - video player

Yalp Store - update apps on the the CS and also download apps from the Google store

Gboard - Google Keyboard (swipe your heart out)

Instagram - photo share (doesn't format and edit options are off screen... edit in lightroom instead, then share to Instagram)
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Would like to know if you could try this app with crystalsky.
Vision+ app by Powervision for the PowerRay underwater robot. Listed as only compatible with IOS products, but, maybe.
Hi, Have you been able to check the compatibility of the Parrot Anafi version of FreeFlight 6 with the ChrystalSky unit?
Also apps that work:


Someone needs to go through this thread and consolidate the apps that work and have a moderator list it in the 1st post.
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