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Also, I humbly come to you after crashing my DJI Mavic 2 Pro after almost 4 years of flying (and having my Part 107 for around 3 years) in the US.
I wonder how many pilots after years of flying don't know about the existence of flight logs?🤔
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I have had on screen buttons not work before so I generally use the RTH button on the controller, I can say that there is one on the RC1A & RC1B controllers and I would assume there is one on any applicable smart controller.
t does away with the gremlins that guard screen buttons.
I think in the heat of the moment, I couldn't even think fast enough in the 2-3 seconds to push the button on the controller...darn it! ;) (Get this in my memory in case it happens in the future...but I have the Mavic 3 Classic coming this week, so praying all goes well...ha, ha!)
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