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Epson BT-300 Drone Edition


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Nov 4, 2016
Well, Bought glasses on pre-order and received them last week. Worked FANTASTIC for 2 days. Then was prompted to update the glasses. I did. Now glasses work prefect, except for flying - I did mention I bought the 'Drone Edition', right? Anyway, DJI GO 4 app seems okay except for the map - it is in Chinese. We all know the issue is related to DJI switching from Google maps to Here so no need to go further into that. Just wanted everyone to know I tried everything, even side loading from APKs to get the Go 4 app to work. No success.. Installed Google maps & DJI GO 4. Contacted Epson, they place blame on DJI; say nothing can be done on their end. DJI needs to reconfigure the app. No time frame for this to happen (Partners?). Contacted DJI - they did a Sargent Schultz on me - "we know nothing". Epson offered to send me a replacement pair of glasses with the original firmware (once updated no going back). I elected to just return and get refund and have to jump through some hoops even to do that. I'm holding off until/if this is worked out. When Epson advertised the glasses as having 'partnered' with DJI I understood that to mean more just than that the glasses came with the DJI GO app pre-downloaded. I figured the 'partnership' to mean, well, what the word actually means, Be assured, it does not. If the glasses are going to be used for anything but flying (I did mention theses are the 'Drone Edition', right) the're fine. Just don't expect to fly safely and have any idea where your bird is if used to fly.
I was literally about to drop 800 bones, thanks for saving me the grief. I've seen mixed reviews. Guess I'll wait the goggles out :(
I was literally about to drop 800 bones, thanks for saving me the grief. I've seen mixed reviews. Guess I'll wait the goggles out :(
Glad I could be of help and think it's a good decision on your part, $800.00 is not a small sum. Be assured I am just as disappointed :(. For the 2 days the glasses worked - THEY WORKED - no latency, very clear, crisp image, fantastic. Each morning I get up to check if the GO app is functional on the glasses. The really odd thing is that as soon as the glasses boot-up user STILL gets prompted to update them, if they haven't already! And this is the drone edition - that by now everyone, Epson included, knows updating will render the glasses useless to fly with!?! Today I'm sending in all the info into Epson is requiring to get refund/replacement started. I may consider accepting new pair with original firmware. But I remain concerned of what future updates on either side might entail. Just like the 3 Android tablets I have but can't use to fly because the GO app isn't compatible with their version of Android. I am not a fan of IOS and, till recently never owned any Apple device besides iPod mini. A few months back, when the GO app started being incompatible with certain versions of Android, again, I got an iPad Mini 4 just for flying. Haven't had a single issue while using that device. I hate having to say that. Anyway, I'll update this thread as/if I receive more info. Any advice, other experiences, suggestions will be appreciated.
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Update: If interested and you're not current with my issue just read the previous post. Following further tests, experimentation and communication both with Epson & DJI I am returning the Drone Edition of Moverio BT-300 glasses for refund. My impression is that Epson doesn't have a clue about what they got themselves into and DJI is not especially concerned about 'Epson's problem' with Moverio BT-300 glasses. DJI rep did acknowledge their awareness of the issue but stated clearly that a 'fix' ought not be expected in the near future. Today I spent several hours testing the 3 UAVs the BT-300s were advertised as being able to fly, viz.: P3 Pro, P4 and Mavic. All my drones, devices and apps are updated and current: Only P3 Pro is compatible with the glasses (the one drone of these 3 that's already obsolete - in the sense of DJI having discontinued support for it). Results of my Tests: P3 Pro: shows all telemetry & video. Map is both in English & Chinese. P4: Nothing, I get no telemetry, no video; can't fly with the glasses. Mavic: seems to function except for the map, which is in Chinese. I am not risking a flight using the glasses because I cannot be sure everything else is okay. Attached is a list of the 6 devices used today for comparison and my experience with each. I included the OS and version of the firmware for each device as well. FYI: Despite Epson being fully aware of the issue with the 'Drone Edition' of Moverio BT-300 glasses - as soon as the glasses boot-up the user continues to be prompted to update the glasses?!? Which, as we now know, this update is what prevents the glasses from being able to be used with the Mavic. And I can't even say with certainty anymore that it's this initial firmware update that's the sole cause of the problem. DJI just updated the GO 4 app. My glasses worked perfectly with the original firmware and the version of GO 4 prior to the recent update. Who knows what the issues are now? Certainty not Epson or DJI. Hope some of this is helpful.


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Thanks A LOT for the info and update. I'm glad I held off spending $800 on something that didn't work. I suspect that's why Epson's site lists the Drone Edition as being out of stock rather than deal with unhappy customers. Since DJI is presumably working on their own FPV goggle, which looks like it'll be REALLY expensive and cumbersome to use, they're probably not too anxious to enable any competition from a better device.
Consequently, I'm not too optimistic that DJI will be very responsive to either their customers or Epson. Seiko/Epson is probably still a much bigger company than DJI, with lot of resources and can hopefully have some negotiating power to strike a deal to get things working.
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Maybe they became redundant two months after they were released like their printers
Maybe they became redundant two months after they were released like their printers

Thank you. Not aware of the printer issue but appreciate you bringing it to my attention - shows a pattern of engineered obsolescence. I'm going to research the printer issue further so I can include it in my next communication with Epson.
FYI: Just to be clear and un-biased I need to state that, except for being unable to fly the dUAVs Epson advertised as compatible with the 'DRONE EDITION' of Moverio BT-300 glasses the glasses seem to work very well with the other, limited apps available; including those I sided loaded from an APK source. My complaint is that I bought the glasses exclusively for the birds. I have no interest in using them for any other purpose - hence my purchase of the 'DRONE EDITION'. So, if using a P3 Pro and are you willing to risk being unable to use the glasses to fly following the next Epson, firmware update (no further DJI updates for P3 to worry about), I would not make the purchase.unless you have other uses for the glasses.
Epson just emailed me that the BT-300A Drone edition is back in stock. I'm holding off ordering until the map glitch is corrected. I've emailed Epson support inquiring whether it's been fixed. If anybody gets a new one, I'd appreciate hearing whether the maps work in the USA. If I get a response from Epson, I'll post it.
Thanks, please keep me updated on what you hear, Thumbswayup I really want these to function. For the 2 days the glasses worked - THEY WORKED GREAT. I spoke with Epson yesterday as well; wanted to check once more before returning the glasses. Epson Rep encouraged me to return the glasses; told me a 'fix' for the maps is nowhere in sight at this time. :(
Thank you for the report. I was in the process of ordering but I thought I should check the board. I will wait until Epson sorts it out. I have the BT-200s and Epson's technical support is awful. I can't get the glasses to work and tech support is simply a person that I can't understand reading out of a manual he doesn't understand.
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For what's worth... I just spoke with Curtis at Epson Tech Support. They have a support team specific for the Moverio products. He said he and his product team are very aware of the map display issue and are working closely with DJI to resolve through and App and/or Firmware update. He said to look for an update soon. Time will tell... Having said, it was certainly good to hear they're aware of the issue and working on a solution. I'm going to hang on to my BT-300's. For me there's no better way to fly!
Wonder of wonders!!!!!!!!!
Epson responded promptly. Content pasted below
Discussion Thread

Response Via Email (Mark H)

03/29/2017 02:03 PM

Dear Mr. Tarr,
It will be anywhere between a week to two weeks before testing of the revised App is complete.

Response Via Email (Mark H)
03/29/2017 12:00 PM
Dear Mr. Tarr,
Epson is working with DJI to improve GPS mapping capabilities. A revised App is currently being tested. I will let you know when I receive any further information.

Customer By Web Form (John Tarr)

03/29/2017 04:53 AM
Before I order a Drone/FPV version of a Moverio BT-300, please advise me if the difficulty with loading maps for the installed DJI Go 4 app have been corrected.
Thank you for the report. I was in the process of ordering but I thought I should check the board. I will wait until Epson sorts it out. I have the BT-200s and Epson's technical support is awful. I can't get the glasses to work and tech support is simply a person that I can't understand reading out of a manual he doesn't understand.
That sucks. I agree; my experience with Epson Tech support convinced me that I actually am more knowledgeable than them, i.e., when I proposed a possible work around might be side loading with an APK the Tech person I spoke became totally bewildered as to what I was talking about. Customer service guy seemed okay but, I still haven't received my RMA return and label yet. I f I don't get it by end of day I now I need to follow-up on that. My personal experience speaking both with DJI and Epson was to be told a fix to being able to fly drones - other than P3 Pro - with the BT-300's is not something to be expected or counted on in the near future. Of course there could be an unexpected, break-through that surprises everyone sooner. But the fact that the Epson Rep himself encouraged me to return the glasses does not embolden me with confidence. Plus, now I have the additional concern, which Epson too acknowledged as valid: What about future updates in both the GO 4 app and the BT-300 firmware? Neither DJI nor Epson had an answer for me. If DJI's history with all devices using Android OS is any indication, I strongly suspect even if this current issue is resolved that there will continue to be problems with the BT-300s following each future update as well. The price of the glasses and this experience combined with Epson's cluelessness makes the risk for me to high to take. Epson is at the whim of DJI and I just don't want the hassle. I want to fly. I'm simply getting my money back. If another, similar product comes out at least now I know to do a lot more research before jumping-in and spending this much money. I'll wait on the DJI goggles. REALLY want the BT-300s to work though; for me a much better experience than goggles.
Purchased my Moverio bt300 fpv/drone edition about a month ago. They have worked flawlessly ! If I lost them today, I would order another set tomorrow ! The video image is crystal clear, and with the shades in place, you can perfectly view the video in any lighting conditions. I definitely prefer my bt-300 over my VR or fatshark goggles! Not only do they have a clearer picture, but you can stay aware of your surroundings . The map may not be as detailed right now as other devices, but you can always see where your home point is on map. I also found that my little Seek Thermal camera works with the glasses as well. Now I can use them as thermal night vision goggles. I fly my Mavic almost daily, and since I purchased my BT-300 glasses, I have not used my smart phone since! I would highly recommend these smart glasses for use with DJI Mavic Pro !
When you say "map may not be as detailed right now as other devices" do you mean the map is in Chinese? That was the issue I was having. detail was fine. Also, Did you update the glasses as prompted? Without the update the glasses work perfectly, no Chinese. I agree with everything else you say. Just not willing to risk having to find Chinese Translator if I lose bird in unfamiliar area. Look forward to your reply, if Language issue has been resolved I will re-purchase. Thank you.
Yeah, I shot a text to my guy at Epson and he said nothing's changed - firmware in glasses still totally screwed-up for DJI Go4 app; no changes in sight for immediate future. Anyone that has BT-300 working with Go4 app must be 'inordinately fortunate. I'd like them to buy lottery ticket for me, probably be a winner!
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Yes my BT-300 still works perfectly! I say perfectly, but I have not paid close attention to the map. I do know it is not in Chinese, and I have updated it when prompted. I will check the map closer on next flight.
Thank you. Any other technical info you might be willing to provide will be much appreciated, viz. Android version, GO 4 app version, Mavic version. You might have found perfect combo! According to the contact I've been working with at Epson this is unprecedented. He's not aware of any other set yet being fully compatible with GO 4 app.
As I said at the beginning , they have worked flawlessly and the map was not in Chinese, but the map did lack the detail of the one on my phone. After going out and trying the map since the update, I didn't realize how bad the map detail was! When you zoom out, you see nothing until you see the outline of the United States. I am terribly sorry that I did not have my facts straight! I should have said that the BT - 300 works perfectly for what I use them for. Again, I apologize for any confusion this may have caused! For $$800 you would think it would operate correctly!!!!
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