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  1. f13dfx

    Selling my Epson Moverio BT-300 FPV Drone Edition Smartglasses

    For anyone interested I've listed them in the Classifieds Forum. It was actually listed on eBay originally. I can sell them directly to anyone in here should they prefer that. Any questions, fire away!
  2. K

    Next Gen BT-300 Suggestions / Wishlist

    I thought it would be nice with a wishlist for the Next Gen BT-300 :) Here is my wish list: 1. Make new "computer" backwards compatible with current glasses - so you could maybe buy a faster "main computer" and keep glasses if you wanted to. I do find the current "computer" very slow - so I...
  3. K

    New Epson Mount for all DJI controllers

    Just got notified by Epson that they launched a new BT-300 mount compatible with all DJI drones Moverio BT-300 Controller Mount - Epson I ordered one :) to replace my 3D printed version. UK price - GBP 21.99,- free shipping. So ? $29.99? (while i'm contemplating what to do about my BT-300...
  4. S

    Epson Moverio BT-300 FPV-VR

    Just saw this new bundle came out this week by Rochester Optical. It's pretty cool that the VR enclosure is included. If someone has bought it, please share some experience. Thanks!
  5. C

    Best IOS to Android Screen Sharing Set Up

    This probably a redundant thread but I think it might be useful. This info is scattered around and hard to quantify so maybe if we isolate it we can help everyone. I want to use my iPhone 7+ to run Litchi and screen share to my BT-300s. So far using my iPhone as a hot spot or the HooToo hot...
  6. S

    Suggestions for Moverio engineers? Magnetic port for attaching wire. No hardwired tether, fail point

    Okay so i've been a fan of head mounted displays for about 15 years now. One thing ive noticed with similar goggles is the tethering wire. I've had a few models of Vuzix goggles, Headplay, some brands that dont exist anymore. Their main crutch or fail point was their main tethering wire. I would...
  7. EpsonMoverio

    MOVERIO FPV Glasses Features & Tutorial

    The perfect complement to your DJI™ drone, Moverio BT-300FPV smart glasses redefine First-person View (FPV), with a transparent display that makes it easy to view your drone’s video feed and key flight statistics, while keeping the aircraft in sight. Maintain a clear line of sight — transparent...
  8. Maxheadspace

    Prescription Inserts with Moverio BT-300

    Has anyone purchased prescription lenses for the inserts with the Moverio BT-300 FPV glasses? I brought my BT-300 prescription frames to my eyeglasses store and bought lens inserts. After a week, they replied that they cannot provide lenses for the Moverio BT-300 inserts. So, has anyone...
  9. theflyingtinman

    Head Mounted Display (DJI Googles, BT-300, etc.) Vision Correction Issues

    I've seen a few threads on DJI Goggles / Moverio BT-300, etc. branch out into discussions about issues with vision correction. I responded to a few of the issues raised, but I thought it may be useful to summarize what has been discussed so far, and a little that has been overlooked, and give...
  10. M

    EPSON MOVERIO camera

    I have a friend who is flying fpv with Litchi. He told me there is a function that allows you to switch from the drone camera view to the phone camera view simply by pushing the C1 button. I was wandering whether there could a possibility to do the same with the MOVERIO glasses. With the dark...
  11. Phrede

    Glyphs or Moverio BT-300s ?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on some FPV goggles and am leaning heavily towards the Glyphs. Is this the way to go? The factors, for me... I wear glasses, always. Well, almost always :). I have zero FPV experience. I really like the idea on maintaining LOS, eliminating many "box in your...
  12. mattyd58

    Epson BT-300 Drone Edition

    Well, Bought glasses on pre-order and received them last week. Worked FANTASTIC for 2 days. Then was prompted to update the glasses. I did. Now glasses work prefect, except for flying - I did mention I bought the 'Drone Edition', right? Anyway, DJI GO 4 app seems okay except for the map - it is...