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Prescription Inserts with Moverio BT-300


Well-Known Member
Mar 30, 2017
Washington, DC
Has anyone purchased prescription lenses for the inserts with the Moverio BT-300 FPV glasses? I brought my BT-300 prescription frames to my eyeglasses store and bought lens inserts. After a week, they replied that they cannot provide lenses for the Moverio BT-300 inserts.

So, has anyone purchased lens inserts for the BT-300? If so, from what chain eyeglass store? I am NOT looking for the Rochester Optical inserts. I'm just looking for an eyeglasses store that has lenses for the insert frame that came stock with the Moverio BT-300 FPV glasses. Thanks!
Why is this a problem? Went to my optometrist, checked my eyes, left him the frame come back 2 days later and got my prescription lenses neatly mounted in the frame. BTW, it seem weird to me that the lenses are for distance.....
I used Foreyes for my prescription, which is a fairly large chain eyeglasses store. After a week with my frames they called and said their "machine" would not accept these frames. Rather than continue to search different eyeglasses stores, I caved and bought the Rochester inserts. I can't say that the Rochester inserts perform better, but they are a more snug fit in the BT-300.