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  1. S

    Visual Line of Sight?

    Ok, I'm in Canada. Some crazy absurd laws regarding drones, but I wont rant about that. How do you define visual line of sight? Our regulations used to state that it was the distance in which you could clearly see your vehicle (for some people it was less than 100m, others maybe 400m). In that...
  2. B

    Mavic 2 Pro - Hicksville, Ohio

    I lost a Mavic 2 Pro tonight around Hicksville, Ohio The GPS coordinates show it in a cornfield. I scoured the field but I could not find it. It appeared to fly crazy when it got near high tension power lines. If you see it, please let me know. I'm sure it's sad and lonely right now. :(
  3. FlyingCarp

    Hello from Rotterdam

    Not jet a drone owner, but soon to be (next week). I'm a photographer (and carp fisher) in heart and got bitten by the drone virus after having working offshore with some drone flyers. Used the Mavic 2 Zoom a couple times, which was a little challenge while working on a offshore vessel. The...
  4. H

    Video from Norway (noise?)

    Hey guys! Just finished my video from traveling around in Norway. I did experience noise/grain in some pictures, but haven't really figured out a solution to the problem. Mostly shot on cinestyle with settings +1, 0, 0. Any suggestions to why the noise appears?
  5. R

    Where to buy Mavic Pro cheap?

    Hi, I am thinking about getting the M2Pro, currently I have the MPP and I am wondering where to get it as cheap as possible. I live in Bavaria(the real Germany) and found copter-trade.de on this site. Has anyone any experience with this site? Thanks
  6. G

    Palms Place 4K | Las Vegas, NV

    Subscribe to my youtube channel here Jeff B
  7. G

    My Youtube channel with my Mavic Pro footage

    I have numerous DJI Mavic Pro drone videos as well as some 3DR Solo footage on my youtube channel check it out and let me know what you think. I'm trying to grow my channel please subscribe. I will subscribe back. Thanks. Jeff B
  8. S

    Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More (Brand New + sealed)!

    As the title lists, I have a brand new & sealed Mavic Pro Platinum. It has not been opened, registered or anything of that nature. Can provide receipt for interested people. Would really like to sell to somebody in the 18062 +/- 100 miles area. $1200
  9. Trees138

    4 filters for the Mavic 2 Pro

    Alright, I have filter sets from 3 different manufacturers and the OEM clear. I am not doing a detailed performance test as I'm still waiting on the newest revision of one ND16. I'd prefer to compare as Apples to Apples as possible. I also need to reach out to SkyReat and see if they want me...
  10. Cjcoolcat

    Hi from Shropshire UK

    great to see other local newbies. Literally received my Mavic 2 pro on Saturday. I have managed to get it in the air in Beginner Mode but will have to wait till the weather improves before taking it out for a spin. I have never flown a drone before but as a lover of photography as seem to have...
  11. E

    Mavic Pro Platinum - COMPLETE PACKAGE W/ EXTRAS

    Hey all, up for sale is my less then a year old Pro Platinum. This is in mint condition and flown sparingly. Included in the sale is everything in the picture: - 4 batteries - DJI Katana hand held mount - Set of 3 high quality polar pro ND filters - Range Increaser for remote - 2 spare props -...
  12. TomzHobbyz

    The small Lake @ Malaysia

  13. joshmentele

    Black Hills of South Dakota: The Needles

    This video was shot using the DJI Mavic Pro in 4K 30 FPS in the Needles of South Dakota. Let me know what you guys think of it!
  14. S

    Mavic 2 Pro - Active Track Has Come A Long Way!!!

    So I received my MP2 late yesterday. Given the time of day the first thing I did was try out low light. Impressive. First thing I did this morning was test out Active Track 2.0. Although far from perfect, I was very excited by the results as my MA failed greatly in this regard. The M2P...
  15. MauiMaps

    *Mavic 2 Questions and Answers FAQ

    I sent an email to DJI asking for additional information and will update once answered. If anyone else has any questons not answered in the Spreadsheet, Official FAQ or Downloadable Maunal, then please email DJI support and reply here with their answer : DDD! Missing information for the Mavic...
  16. L

    FS: Mavic Pro Fly More Combo and Filters

    Only have a few flights on this. Never crashed, never flown in rain, never flown in dusty environments...absolutely babied. Fly more combo and ND Filter kit. Still original box and original stickers on drone...controller has original protective sticker/covering on face. Upgraded video card ...
  17. MauiMaps

    ***NEW MAVIC 2 Pro & Zoom Comparison SPREADSHEET, Poll - Will U Buy?

    Mavic 2 Doc Spreadsheet: > DJI Best drones Spreadsheet Link : ) Updating NOW^^ Price; Pro $1449, Zoom $1249, Flymore $319. Highlights; 45mph, 31min flight, 4.97mile range, 360 avodiance +upward camera! Pro - Hassleblad 1" f2.8-f11, 10bit D-log. Zoom - 4x lossless zoom, Dolly quickshot...
  18. MrMavic

    Mavic Gimbal - Jumping Erratically, Will Not Stabilize

    I was in the mountains yesterday and was going to do some flying, but the camera would not stabilize. Symptoms: Camera slams to the up down limits every 30 seconds or so. On the screen of FPV I kept getting a warning that the gimbal lock was in place, Gimbal Obstructed, but it was not. I tried...
  19. C

    WTS mavic pro full accessories + iPad air 2 cellular

    Hi!!! Perfect condition click the ebay link, only 10 flight! 1 yeah warranty dji care refresh active and... a lot of accessories! DJI MAVIC PRO COMPLETO ACCESSORI + garanzia! acquisto il 23/07/18. IPad air 2 | eBay Worldwide expedition!
  20. O

    Mavic Pro Luts

    Here's some luts for those people who's in need of luts. I've made a collection of the 3 best luts that I prefer. Mavic Pro D-Log LUT - Film Poets Education ColorFinal This one is for Mavic Pro and Air PURE Straight up realistic look