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Help with pink photos


New Member
May 18, 2023
Rhode Island
I had an issue with a couple of photos during some missions recently, 1 photo out of each flight looks to be corrupted or something. The photo I've attached is edited to make the file size smaller but the photo directly from the drone the corrupted area was completely magenta colored. It was quite windy that day. Has anyone seen this issue before? Should I send it back to DJI?

See attached photo

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


  • DJI_20230517072110_0050_V.jpg
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That looks like a card error. The first step in troubleshooting would be to try a new card of high quality, preferrably a Sandisk Extreme Pro card.
Such error might also occur, on rare occasions, during transfer from the card to the computer. Do you remove the card from the drone and insert it in a card reader? Or do you connect the drone directly to the computer?
I think for these projects I removed the card and used a card reader. I will try plugging it in, I still have the files on the card. I've used this card a bunch and not had any problems till now. Thanks for the suggestions.
I've used this card a bunch and not had any problems till now
Cards can suddenly give you trouble. Especially if it is used a lot. A memory card needs regularly formatting, otherwise the file system can get corrupted and errors like yours may show up. Have you ever formatted the card?
Take a backup of your files and format the card in the card reader. Then insert it in the drone and format it again from the app.
I frequently format the card, I take about 5000 photos a week so I'm constantly doing data management. I can confirm this was a transfer issue. I connected the drone directly to my computer and looked at the photos in question and they were fine. Thanks for the help, I will know what to look for if I see this issue again.

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