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Hey From Central Maryland

Welcome from Kentucky USA. You need to use DJI GO 4 app not the FLY app
I have tried repeatedly to download it onto my tab A to no avail. This is why I purchased the Litchi software. Still grounded. Interestingly enough, I gone into the DJI assistant 2 portal and downloaded previous versions for the aircraft and controller and still no luck. Perhaps I need to take up knitting. :(
On a personal note,
Hey there Ty, besides ALOFT and B4UFly, I use DroneUp and Below are two links to posting I made on these two Apps…

The DroneUp App's map is so good that when you zoom in, you can see the actual buildings and streets, just like Google Street Maps ( it does not show actual satellite photos), but boy is it good and you can also get your LAANC authorizations through this App. shows you the wind everywhere, you are not stuck to your actual location, but yu have a scrollable map. It will show winds aloft (speed, direction, and at various heights,) it shows weather, clouds, waves (if you surf… lol,,,). It shows more than you can get from the weather station if you worked there…

"On a Personal Note", Congrats on your service, I'm 23-years retired after I did my thirty… but we do have a disconnect, Your age listed on the left side says you are 33… If you retired 20-years ago, that meant you were a 13-year old MSgt (that's a lot better than I did…) And for you to be eligible for retirement, they must have given you double-credit for good behavior…

Did you ever read the "Ender's Game" series of Sci-Fi? Ender retired as a Four-Star Admiral, also at age 13…

Perhaps, you just Fat-Fingered your age… LoL
Welcome to the forum! :)
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Afternoon All, I greatly appreciate the generous feedback and recommendations. My problem is solved! I purchased an Ipad Mini 5th gen and downloaded DJI GO 4 and I've been flying for a few days now. Oh the freedom of the skies.

Hope everyone is well.
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