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Oct 15, 2016
Cascais, Portugal
...I don't know if this has been put forward before but here is what I was thinking:

Why not have some programmable "custom" buttons on a dedicated app sub-menu, working together with a desktop application where you could model 3-D tracks in advance and then load them up on the app, for specific takes on location?
OK Kilrah, correct in what you say, not very helpful to the OP if that is what he wants to do....

MavicKhan have you had a look at "Litchi" or "Autopilot" either of those two apps ( There are others but I'm not familiar with them ), will do what you suggest.

Yes, I have both.

What I was thinking was a 3-D interface app on the desktop (...not an actual map, but rather an "unlimited" 3-D environment...) and have the plotting, based on the departure point and independent of geo-coordinates ( it being the "0,0,0" datum ) able to be transferred to the DJI app.

Something like this would help a lot planing repeatable image takes in known location environments.

Hi mavicKhan

Yes Ok got it, but can't you do what you want in Google Earth, then export that as a KLM, then import it into Litchi, or am I not understanding your request....?

I use that approach extensively.

However, that anchors a specific mission to a specific geo location.

If, as content producer, you find yourself needing, say, an helicoid-crane take as a repeatable shot in several situations, you're forced to create them from scratch for each location. Furthermore they won't be perfectly smooth using neither Litchi or Autopilot. Something from DJI, themselves could be made more precise and smoother.

Think of what I am talking about as programmable 3D paths extending the concept already in place with "TapFly".

Hi Yes I get it now..... and wow wouldn't that be a cool thing, but I don't see DJI coming out with anything like that, ever...
Just look at their approach to Waypoint missions, I just can't see DJI going for autonomous flight characteristics at all, if anything DJI just get more and more restrictive with their software approach.
But good luck, it would be a boon to have something as you describe in your tool kit.
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