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Is it better to connect through WIFI-password instead QR-code?

Do you use WIFI password or QR-code when only using the phone as controller?

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Feb 19, 2018
Is it best practice to always make sure to connect to the drone via WIFI-password instead of QR-code to prevent or minimize the risk of being unable to reconnect, if you lose your connection.. in the case locking the iPhone screen for example?

Longer version:
I just bought a MA and have had some scary moments with it using only the iPhone 7+ for controlling the MA.

I connected the iPhone 7+ to the drone with the DJI 4 Go app using QR-code.
I told the drone to follow me using "Active Track" I put the phone in my pocket.
After I noticed that the MA stopped following me I stopped and unlocked the phone only to realize it was disconnected. I thought I could just reconnect, but I couldn't. The drone was hovering 4 meters up in the air mocking me. I tried restarting the app and connect again. The app continued the mocking, telling me to hit the button in the back of the drone and keeping my phone 50 cm or closer to the drone. It was 4 meters up in the air, and I'm quite short. I was f****d.

So, I'm wondering. Since there's a WIFI-password on the side of the drone, would I've been able to reconnect to the drone via WIFI if I've chosen password instead o QR-code to connect to the drone. I mean, the WIFI-password is stored on the phone, but the QR-code is hard to read from the phone if the drone is 4 meters up in the air.

It's important to me to be able to use the iPhone alone as the controller, without the RC, because I want to be able to get rid of the controller fast in my jacket when I'm about to ski and let the drone follow me.
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Should be just the same, but might depend on phone type. Easy enough to see if your phone does remember the network after connecting via QR, maybe it's not possible on Apple phones.
Thanks for your reply.

At first I only used the QR-reader for connecting to the drone via WIFI. A day later when I tried to manually connect to the MAs WIFI via the normal WIFI-preferences on my iPhone, I was asked to enter WIFI-password even though I've scanned the QR-code several times before. That makes me think that the password isn't stored on the iPhone if you only use QR-reader for connecting to the drone.

What are the steps to reconnect to the MA if you lose connection during WIFI-mode, and the drone is high above you in the air?
I’ve moved to WiFi password on my MA as I was experiencing exactly this issue and frankly it was becoming irritating scanning the QR each time. Seems to connect every time perfectly now.

I’m on an iPhone 6 Plus and can only assume it doesn’t store the password in IOS if you use the QR.

Sorted the issue for me.

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