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iphone 7 plus

  1. A

    DJI RC or iPhone 7+

    Hello, so i’m considering a DJI RC but i’d really rather save $180 AUD when I have a functioning phone, but as my phone is considerably old (dji lists it as not supported even though the app works as far as I can tell) the CPU, RAM, and battery might not be pleasant or good enough (I don’t want...
  2. bjack76

    iphone7 slow boot time and bad sim card reader okay for flying?

    Hello. Newb here...So, I plan to use an iphone 7 plus with GO 4 with my MP. My concern is that it take about 4 minutes to boot after being turned off. No other problems at all and it ALWAYS goes to home screen at about the 4 minute mark. No sudden reboots or other problems. Also, This...
  3. P

    Is it better to connect through WIFI-password instead QR-code?

    TL;DR; Is it best practice to always make sure to connect to the drone via WIFI-password instead of QR-code to prevent or minimize the risk of being unable to reconnect, if you lose your connection.. in the case locking the iPhone screen for example? Longer version: I just bought a MA and have...
  4. A

    My Mavic Pro iphone app crashes but Android works

    Hi I have been flying my Mavic Pro with my iPhone for long time. But now my app is crashing as soon as I press video record button. I tried formatting memory card, changed memory card and reinstalled app but nothing fixed. Then I tried flying with Android Samsung s8 and I had no issue flying...
  5. D

    Iphone 7 Plus / iOS 11.0.2 doesn't connect to RC

    Hey guys! I got an iPhone 7 plus last friday, thinking that the bigger screen would make my life easier. I did the latest updates in the aircraft, controller, and of course, in the iPhone. iOS 11.0.2. Then i've installed DJI GO 4 app and it doesn't connect. The regular cable (the tiny who...
  6. S

    Buy iPad Min 4 or Keep 7 Plus

    I have a iPhone 7 Plus and I am generally satisfied with it for flying the MP. It's not perfect but it's ok. These days the iPad mini 4 is regularly on sale and I'd buy one if it would be better flying experience. I know the 7 Plus screen is brighter, but maybe the size and anti-glare of the...
  7. J

    Black screen/ no transmission signal

    hi, bought a mavic last week from apple and took it out yesterday to fly. I had trouble connecting to the go4 app but eventually got there (the activation kept failing). Got it flying but the video stream to my phone (iPhone 7 plus) was half cut off. So today i took the drone back to apple and...
  8. domination

    Repeated iPhone 7 Plus disconnect in Tripod and Gesture modes?

    New to this hobby, have had my Mavic for a little over month. Overall, I am extremely happy with the purchase. However, having dealt with consumer electronics for so long and considering the incredible amount of technology crammed into this Modern Marvel, my "new tech pain threshold" is...