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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (July 14, 2018)


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Here's a list of last week's most popular Mavic Pilots topics:

General Discussions
Very disappointed in Mavic Pro!
posted by @Unhappy Pilot

General Discussions
DJI offering drone deals on Amazon Prime Day
posted by @lisadoc

General Discussions
50 seconds left meant zero
posted by @pronfan

General Discussions
Is bad that I’m little mad?
posted by @Snapthis

Mavic Pro Discussions
Just crashed my MP...
posted by @Bdeta724

General Discussions
I'm confused.
posted by @grgguy

Mavic Pro Discussions
Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro Amazon Prime Day deal
posted by @ak6143

Pilot Check In
posted by @Davey mavic pro

Mavic Air
Traveling on an airline with mavic air
posted by @njsarge

Off Topic
Would Anyone be tempted to buy this T-Shirt?
posted by @airdog drone

General Discussions
Violation of Guidelines whilst posting a video on You Tube
posted by @Barchy

Mavic Modifications (All Models)
Official Mavic2 Range Leaderboard
posted by @beanbubba

General Discussions
Mavic Enterprise?
posted by @Drone Master

Mavic Pro Discussions
Decent android tablet for today 7/10/18
posted by @abadrs

Firmware & Software Discussion
what the **** is going on ?
posted by @mikemoose55

Mavic Modifications (All Models)
Night flying (info,mods,tips,tricks) Thread
posted by @droneuser

Mavic Pro Discussions
Amazon Prime Day - Mavic Pro Deal
posted by @coop64

General Discussions
Just a comment... bought the low noise props for my Mavic Pro
posted by @davidkmcw

Mavic Air
is there any NFZ - free moded DJI GO app for AIR?
posted by @Shewie007

General Discussions
New mavic P2 availability??
posted by @Tridiver

Mavic Air
Fly in rain?
posted by @Gmgfarrand

General Discussions
National Drone Register Scam
posted by @WhiskeyBritches

Lost & Found sUAS
Lost Mavic Pro Platinum - Anyone ca figure why it didn't return to home?
posted by @KayserSoeze

General Discussions
Another newbie tablet thread
posted by @Pinchecharlie

Mavic Air
Mavic Air Range - RTH strange behavior
posted by @TheodKondak
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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