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Nice hood for Nexus 7 tablet (Hoodman)


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May 24, 2017
Washington (the good one, not DC)
I've commented earlier on the Hooshion hood from Amazon I've been using with my Nexus 7 and MavMount (Phone Hood) - finding a good hood for the N7 is notoriously difficult and there are very few choices.

I just purchased the Hoodman 7" hood to try out and figured I'd post here to let folks know that it's a very nice hood and fits the N7 just fine (see my photos below). It's surprisingly difficult to find and buy; you can't even get it from Hoodman directly on their website - they only sell it in a bundle with the optional pro extension hood, which looks far too cumbersome for my purposes.

B&H Photo has it, although I had to wait for it to come back into stock (they'll email you if you wish) and it was $60 delivered with no sales tax. Not cheap, but very well made and a solid fit once you get the straps adjusted, one side of each strap is elastic, which makes for a solid fit.
Hoodman Drone Aviator Hood for Select 7" FPV Monitors HSGN

The big advantage over the much-cheaper Hoosion is that it's 4-sided, blocking out more light and resulting in a brighter display. It folds flat, but is almost a foot long even when folded, so you need to allow for room to stow it.

The big disadvantage is that it's 4-sided, making getting to the touchscreen a bit awkward. You can poke down from the top, but Hoodman has designed access from the bottom edge with a slotted elastic access panel. Still a little awkward, but it works.

So the tradeoff is convenient access to the display for touching vs. a brighter display outdoors - well, that and price.

In the photos below, note that I haven't yet cut off the excess strap material - they supply straps long enough to wrap around anything.

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