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Possible Rotor Slap


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Feb 12, 2018
Throwing this one out there.....
I noted some marks indicative of the tip of the rotor striking the main body of my MP.
I was using Platinum Blades at the time and since changed them back to the stock DJI blades.
I was doing some aggressive maneuvers, but nothing exceptional. I noticed the Platinum blades are just a tad longer and much more flexible. Perhaps the reason for the swipe arcs on the main body. Has one experienced the same out there? The main body is wrapped with that black fake composite look so the mark is quite obvious. I have placed some tape there to see if it occurs again but so far all is good. Just want to verify my suspicion/speculation.
I have done some pretty scary stuff in sport mode and never have had this issue. I don't remember if I had platinum blades on or not at the time but I seem to recall a post a while ago about something similar.

***Edit. Now I remember the guy that had the issue did not have one of the arms locked in place when he took off..***
Jay, thanks for the comment. I know for sure that arm locking issue was not a factor. I like to think I am "overcautious" if there is such a thing as being overcautious when preflighting their bird. Do alot of flying over the everglades. A failure would result in no recovery possible. Looking forward for other replies. Thanks Again.
I have used the Platinum props on mine exclusively and used up 2 batteries trying to get the props to touch the body as I had heard the same thing, but I have never had that issue. Maybe there is some special maneuver that I didn't do to cause the props to hit?
Had it happen with the first set of "Platinum" props I tried. Turned out they weren't official DJI props and were much more flexible. Went into the trash after one flight. Still use DJI Platinum props all the time with no problem.
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It seems to me that the more flexible platinum props would flex up and away from the Mavic in flight; especially in an aggressive maneuver. Would the offending blade be on an arm that has more flex than it should i.e. is it loose or broken? I have read posts about an over-flexed arm allowing the prop to strike the Mavic body.
I had this issue with the original dji props that shipped with the mavic pro, seemed to be from climbing in sport mode full open throttle. only the ront props were affected, since replacing them the problem has stopped.
When you fold to store the Mavic the blades tend to hit the top of the battery compartment and can cause damage to the tips.
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