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Spherical Panoramas using AEB


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Aug 25, 2018
Does anyone know if there is a auto-panorama program like Litchi that will use the 3 or 5-shot AEB settings of the Mavic Pro? If it works for the Mavic Pro today, I am certian they will include the Mavic 2 Pro with an update at some point.

Background: I just ordered a Mavic 2 Pro to replace my Phantom 3 Pro and I do a lot of spherical panoramas using AEB. I do 20, 5-shot AEB exposures using 2 rows of 8 with 4 nadirs for a total of 100 raw photos. I manually position the Phantom for each shot, then process with easy HDR and PUGui for the final pic. The actual shooting takes a long time.

With the Mavic 2 Pro, the equivalent focal length is 28mm so it's going to take even more shots so looking for an automated way to take the pics using something like Litchi or Autopilot but their doc does not specific that I can find.

Here is an example of corn maze I did a couple of weeks ago:


You can do an AEB Pano with Litchi. I combine the HDR's using Skylum HDR 2018 then all the HDR's to 360 Pano using Kolor Autopano Giga
Thanks @Aerial-Pixel ! Appreciate the feedback.
No problem. If you have Autopano Giga you can combine the AEB's and the Pano in that program alone but I get better result pre-processing the HDR's.
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PTGui pro, which I have, can do that well but I too get better results by processing the HDRs separately using a program made specifically for it.
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I wonder if they've fixed the bug from mavic 1 where it took spherical panos so quickly the exposure didnt have time to adjust properly if you had a fairly bright sky.
@inselgrafik it's about options. Not every situation, in my experiance, can be shot with only one setting. Sounds like Litchi does it do I'll give it a try.

Also, I am still waiting for my M2P. My experience is with the P3P with the 1/2.3" sensor so I'm hoping that the M2P will give me even more options with the larger sensor.

Thanks for the response.
@LivinLarge, that looks cool but it appears that the sky is blown out. Maybe there were no clouds in the sky but I like to have the option of bracketing my shots, maybe even taking multiple bracket sets, to get as much detail from the sky as I do from the ground. Maybe the M2P will be better but bracketing shots gives me more options to fix areas in the picture. Thanks for the response.
@inselgrafik that looks great! Thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to getting the M2P. I ordered it yesterday and got a tracking number this morning for Wed delivery. It's coming from China and is almost as fast as Amazon prime in the states, LOL!
M1P due to the bug i have to go manual exposure, find the brightest bit of the sky, manually set that to expose by maybe +1 (but NOT burnt out) and take the 360.
Then using Camera Raw in PS i can select all and click "auto". That brings up the colour balance acceptably.

The "auto exposure" 360 on the mavic 1 burns out the sky if its hazey, or light cloud and so on. I'd hope the v2 they've made it wait long enough to adjust.
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@wsettle it’s the german island Föhr. I do a lot of panos here. And I stitch them with Autopano and a XML file, without, there is no chance over moving water

@gnirtS i always use manual exposure. When I take the photos manual, i overexposure the bottom rows. It would be nice, if GO4 would do it also (like autopilot), but there is always something missing
I’ve just downloaded Litchi for my Mavic 2 Pro. I only wanted it for the AEB panos. However, as soon as the pano begins shooting, it reverts the camera setting back to single shot, so I’m not getting any kind of HDR.

Am I doing something wrong? Or have I just wasted £23?!

If I have to do the pano manually, can someone please tell me how I rotate the yaw exactly 45° at a time so that I get 8 evenly spaced columns? I can’t see a readout on the app for this.

And what angles should the camera tilt be done at so that I get the correct amount of overlap for the three rows?
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