Today's wind speeds

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    Oct 9, 2017
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    I wanted to get some flight time in before work today, but the winds were pretty gusty. It was showing around 20mph winds with gusts of 31mph. I decided to be somewhat brave (stupid) and took her up for a spin anyway as this type of wind can be standard for days on end here. I have to say, I'm impressed.

    I kept her in "P" mode most of the time and only had her crawl at ~2mph going upwind. With the tail wind I got decent speeds. I then tested out Sport Mode and had a blast! I kept her pretty close except for one foray at 3k feet distance when the wind died down a bit. I'm definitely happy with the overall results and these flights made me even happier I chose this drone.
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    I was shooting a little project last week of a fire lookout tower, on top of a mountain - with nothing but open skies and wind exposure. During my final two shots, the wind gusts kicked up - hard. I worked quickly to get the Mavic back on the ground, figuring that my final two shots were going to be shaky garbage. The drone handled the wind perfectly, and the last two shots were as smooth as butter. It's a great little drone.
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